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  • The Uni'Curse'ity

    Hellooo blog land, this is more than likely to be just a flying visit again. I really wish that I could keep up a write about all the events that happen to me in my life because I would like to one day go back and read about all the amazing things that I have done. Unfortunately though as the ingenius title suggests, there is just something about being at university which makes it impossible to blog. I think it is probably due to the sheer amount of activity that happens, it becomes impossible to write one thing and not another - to write everything I would have to do nothing else and so I decide to write nothing which is a damn shame. So in this blog I am going to attempt to again do a bit of a catch up session on the things that have happened in the amazing life of Ant D in the three months between October and December 2008.


    Ok let me see, the start of the year proved to be very fruitful in terms of gigging. On the tuesday of freshers week I saw the Mystery Jets who avid followers will know (assuming I did actually write this) that I wanted to see at Field day earlier in the summer but they pulled out. I forgave them though, they were nothing short of amazing on the night. I didn't realise that the lead singer couldn't actually stand up properly though which was quite exciting.

    The second gig was to see Little Man Tate, this was the third time that I had seen them and they did not dissapoint. They were supported by a band called the Lines or something of the like who were cool, we started talking to them in a pub after the gig, throwing in that we were the execs of a society - this was the first time I used my society links to get up close and personal to a band but by no means the last.

    The third gig of term was to see Dirty Pretty Things on their Farewell tour. Both my sister and my lovely girlfriend Kalistra came to see this with me. They were AMAZING, I had always been dissapointed with their second album until I saw it performed live. That night was the first time I got a backstage pass to a gig. I went backstage (one of the lecture rooms) to see the band who.. weren't there. Ah well I went back outside and enjoyed the gig. By the end I had enjoyed myself loads and so being the caring older brother that I am I sneakily gave Caroline the backstage pass and she krept in and gave Gary (the ex-Libertine drummer) a hug. I could have met two of my heroes but I genuinely didn't care - here comes the soppy bit - I was genuinely happy, I was with my best mate Ross, my girlfriend and my sister and I knew that giving the pass to her would mean more than me using it. Soon after we walked home in the rain.

    The next gig was by FAR the most eventful of the term, it was to see the Automatic who have never been one of my favourite bands but it was still AMAZING. Me and Ben got a call the night before asking if we wanted backstage passes... erm free tickets and a chance to meet the band, Yes! so we walked down and helped get the band's ryder ready for when they arrived. I had also found out in the morning that one of the members was called Paul and used to be in a band called Yourcodenameis:Milo who I didn't particularly like but I remembered that he used to be one of my cousins best mates - turns out he cheated on her best mate with a stripper but that is neither here nor there I still said hello. Anyway into the early evening we were talking to the band manager and the roady as the band were in rehearsals and such but it was still really cool. Little did I know that after the bands had played we would be in the backstage (this time in Level 2) drinking and hanging out with the band. The time came when the band needed helping back to the tourbus with their stuff so I offered to help and just didn't come back, I stayed and chilled on their tour bus, it was such a cool experience and they gave me lots of drink. It was a little bit bad times though 'cos I did leave Ben on his own which was a bit wankerish of me. But i'm sorry, I still have to say it was an amazing night.

    The final gig that I saw in this term was to see Ben's favourite band, The Levellers supported by Frank Turner at UEA. Frank was as good as I was expecting having been listening to his stuff dor a good while before the performance and the Levellers were really good although they didn't play their most famous song, 'What a beautiful day' which I had actually bought when it came out. Ben said that in the 30 times he had seen them play, that was the first time that they hadn't played it which was annoying and hilarious at the same time.

    There were other small gigs at the Twist such as seeing Don Broco and I have a feeling there may have been another gig at Colchester Arts Centre but I can't think of who it was - either way it was an immense term in terms of giggage.


    This is long enough for now. Hopefully I shall return in a couple of days I will return and catch you up on other such activities. I'm not sure if I have previously mentioned that my good friend Ross is now living with us at Essex. That, our radio show, the shambles on my behalf that was Steph's 80s party, Christmas and more. See you soon blog fans