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  • Top 25 Tracks of 2018

    Ahh 2018 is drawing to a close and what has it left as its legacy? Brexit confusion, England in a World cup semi final and some decent music of which 25 songs I will list for you here today. My music consumption wains year on year due to other commitments, I went to but one live music event this year, usually a cornerstone for my lists. This year my new music has mainly come from John Kennedy on radio X and Spotify's algorithm of what I might like which although has many haters is pretty good at doing its job. Anyway enough of the babble, 25 songs, maximum one per artist and released either as a single or album track in 2018;

    25. Arctic Monkeys - Four out of Five

    24. George Ezra - Shotgun

    23. The 1975 - Give Yourself a Try

    22. Crewel Intentions - Youth In Overload

    21. Franz Ferdinand - Always Ascending

    20. Childish Gambino - This is America

    19. Gently Tender - 2 Chords Good

    18. Alfie Jackson - If I Could Be An Astronaut

    17. Public Access T.V. - Lost in the Game

    16. LUMP - Curse of the Contemporary

    15. Julia Pietrucha - Unda Da Sea

    14. Blossoms - I Can't Stand It

    13. Jack White - Connected By Love

    12. Childcare - Man Down (King Kong Shake)

    11. The Wave Pictures - Sugar

    10. Graham Coxon - Walking All Day

    9. Lauren Hibberd - Call Shotgun

    8. Frank Turner - Be More Kind

    7. The Coral - Eyes Like Pearls

    6. Tom Grennan - Sober

    5. Alice Merton - No Roots

    4. Razorlight - Carry Yourself

    3. Vistas - Tigerblood

    2. Art Brut - Hospital!

    1. Jerry Williams - Grab Life


    So there we have it one song from each half of the now defunct Palma Violets, two songs with shotgun in the title and a song on top of the tree by an artist I had never heard of before. The list is very light on rap this year which is a shame, not sure whether that is more due to the quality of music not being as high or just my exposure to the right stuff hasn't been there. Maybe the algorithm isn't so perfect after all. Anyway I will try and rectify this for 2019, if you want to listen to this years HERE