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  • I go driving in my car

    Not technically my car but it sounded good so i wrote it, ok? Anyway, today I had my first driving lesson and what a jolly occasion it was and the news that you all wanted here.. I didn't crash so everything is good.


    At first i was a bit aprehensive of the starting time being 10:30, but its not too early really and to my delight quite a good time to drive as there arent that many cars on the road. I must admit I was a tad nervous at the start but it was ok because i was completely petrified within 10 mins because this is about when i was to get in the drivers seat. Before that he showed me a very nice booklet of how i should be doing things. I was half paying attention, half worrying about crashing.


    So when I got behind the wheel, I strapped up, looked in my mirrors, adjusted the seat (which was pointless as the car is too small for me). But then i was off. I dont think i looked to make sure nothing was coming but ah well shit happens. I was driving woooo and apart reving stupidly high at points it was going good. Left turns, Right turns, gear changes ahh life was just peachy. The bit I disliked the most was the roundabout, it tricks the mind that does having to indicate, turn - hold it down, then indicate the other way then turn the other way, madness. I realise all you who read my blog and have passed my test will be laughing at me but I am sure you didnt like it at first its scary computer games dont tend to have roundabouts so my experience was zero. ANYWAY that was the worst bit, I did quite succesfully manage a 3-point-turn which for some reason he made me do before i'd even learnt how to reverse, but I took to it well.

    Then I had to go onto the main road to get home, that was at first a bit scary but it turned out to be no worse than any other bit apart from having to wait longer before i could do things. Then I got onto my road, did a nice bit of parking with reversing - not paralel but still harder than the just pulling in i had done previously. I now have a lesson tomorrow, next tuesday and next friday all to look forward to.

     Things to improve:

    I only stalled twice in 2 hours which wasnt too bad but still work on that

    Breaking more gently although that was coming along by the end

    remembering to change gear whilst stopping before a corner


    until the next one tarrah