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Top 25 tracks of 2020

Well this has been a pretty uneventful year.. No, no that is not true. In a lot of ways I have been very lucky, myself and my family have remained healthy, I have been able to work throughout, the birth of my second child went as well as it could have and to round it off I've even had the vaccine but still a bit of a crap one. Musically it has been pretty interesting, I was doing well until March listening to a lot of new music, then I mostly was listening to REM - Its the end of the world as we know it and drowning my sorrows in beer. No matter though I have managed to pull together a list with the same rules as ever, 25 songs released as single or on an album this year and no two songs from the same artist;



24. Panic Shack - Jiu Jits You

23. MF Tomlinson - Strange Time

22. Do Nothing - Lebron James

21. Bright Eyes - Mariana Trench

20. Declan McKenna - Beautiful Faces

19. Waxahatchee - Can't Do Much

18. Little Man Tate - Boy in the Anorak

17. Powfu - death bed (coffee for your head)(ft. Beebadobee)

16. boy pablo - hey girl

15. The Strokes - Bad Decisions

14. Megan Thee Stallion - Savage Remix (Ft. Beyonce)

13. Slaves - One More Day Won't Hurt (Ft. Bob Vylan)

12. SHY FX - Roll The Dice (Ft. Stamina MC and Lily Allen)

11. JME - Pricks

10. Grouplove - Wildflowers

9. Trampolene - Uncle Brian's Abatoir (Ft. Peter Doherty)

8. The Reytons - Headache

7. Everything Everything - In Birdsong

6. Mura Masa - Deal Wiv It (Ft. Slowthai)

5. Laura Marling - For You

4. Bombay Bicycle Club - Everything Else Has Gone Wrong

3. Billy Nomates - Hippy Elite

2. Sports Team - Here's The Thing

1. Gorillaz - Momentary Bliss (Ft. Slaves and Slowthai)


So a couple of things to address, yes Slaves and Slowthai appear twice each but I have taken the decision to go with the named artist meaning I go with it as they are featured artists not the main artist (plus its my list). The next thing is the sheer amount of collaborations in this list on a year when we weren't allowed to meet up is very ironic. I think this list is probably one of the more eclectic I've ever had, of course plenty of indie but within there you have some elements of jazz, grime, hip hop, heavy metal and whatever you would classify the SHY FX song as?! 

But anyway good one for Gorillaz, Momentary Bliss was out very early in the year and I have loved it throughout and am nowhere near sick of it. If you want to listen to the playlist you can find it here. 

Best Albums list to come and maybe even a Beers of the Year list, we will see. Much Love


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