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Going out in London

OK so im 17 and therefore not quite the legal age to be out drinking in England but I and most people that know me think i look at least 18, so why are we not getting served in the pubs.

The night started not bad, we went to 'the swan' and although a little hesitation at first we were served - brilliant
3 pints each for the 9 of us who went, was bloody expensive. Then 3 wimps decided it was time to go at the measly time of 9:30. The 6 hardcore members kept going, but after a while the swan got boring so we decided to move to the livlier wimbledon town centre. This was where we hit the problem NOWHERE would let us in. We tried about 4 places to no avail until we did get in to 1 place, hoorah we thought, before realising in a slightly dizzy state that only 2 out of 6 got in. Me being one of them, unfortunately we had to leave under group mentality. The night pretty much ended there at about 11. Then twas time for home.

next time i need to find me some older looking mates, hehe


  • yeah... that happens to me a lot, they don't ask anyone else I'm with for ID, but I, alas look too young sometime... well, always, haha. I don't mind, it's flatering, I guess, ha.

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