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The Big Question

As stated previously, I now have a lovely new bank account with a lovely new card to use for among other activities, Internet spending...

This means that finally I can buy a device to play my lovely lovely music on. But there is just so much choice...
Do I buy one of the various makes of mp3 player or splash out on an ipod even. So much choice and so much time to do it in, how will i ever make up my mind. With my limited knowledge of these sort of things i realise the top ipod thingymagic can hold collosul amounts of music and provides an easy to use screen to choose what you want whereas the mp3 players that ive seen have tiny screens and take ages to get to the song you want but cost a damn site less.

Just for the sake of experiment i shall also be attempting to place this blog onto the peter doherty appreciation society message board - so i feel i should at least mention the charming young fellow

Onto the device i buy, i will be putting on several Libertines and Babyshambles songs because they are SUPERB!
Don't look back into the sun is possibly the best song ever, if you dont own it get it NOW!!!


  • What I don't understand, is why they never put 'Don't Look Back Into The Sun' or 'Mayday' on neither of their albums? Sometimes it makes me want to cry :(

  • Have you heard John Hassalls band yeti?!! I can rip some of the tunes off the single for you if you like. They're like an up-to-date beatles hehe

  • Not just dont look back into the sun and Mayday, what about the classic 'The Delaney' and the slightly more abstract 'skag and bone man'
    Luckily they found their way onto the I get along EP

    I havent heard john hassals new band, i dont even know what they called or owt, i tried the link from your blog but it didnt bloody work :) thus i would love you to rip the tunes

    Ps when carl releasing his solo stuff???

  • 'George is twenty four his easily booooored' Great lyric lol makes me laugh. Yeah what I'll do is rip them and get someone to upload them for me onto a website so you can download them dude !!!

    Erm... Carl's stuff is October I think! Dunno if I'll like it or not, I mean his got a cool voice but I doubt it'd sound much like Libertines stuff?

    Yeah the yetiintelligence.com site has got hacked hahaha oh dear! So that ain't working atm!!!

  • cheers for that

    One song ive heard by carl - 'client ft. carl barat - pornography' dont sound much like libertines but i like it...

    long live pete doherty appreciation society!

  • do you have msn? probabaly be easier lol

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