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  • Party Time

    I thought I should get one more blog in before my 18th Birthday comes about and so here it is, I am going to write about the very late Mitcham and Morden Labour Party's New Years Party.


    Despite earlier that day playing a grueling three hours or so of football I decided that I should attend this function rather than stay in and rest up, I mean I was personally invited and so it would have been rude of me not to turn up. And I am rather glad that I did so as it turned out to be to my surprise a good evening.

    Not surprisingly it started quite slowly, with everyone ariving, I did have a nice alcoholic beverage and then came the feast that was the buffet dinner.. it was scrumptious - I have no idea what was on my plate as i took just about everything that was on offer and apart from the occasional mouthfull which tasted bad (im thinking fish) it was largely a tasty dish. After the buffet it was again quite slow until the clock struck ten minutes to ten. The start of the speaches, I jokingly turned to Ross (a real person, not my hand) and said that at 10, the lights would go out and the music would start. The speaches took about ten minutes and then when the clock struck ten o'clock.. yes the lights went out and the music started. I was quite surprised as the majority of the audience was 60+ and so a boogie didnt seem the plausable end to the evening but im not complaining.

    The music was pretty boring to start with and so I wasnt dancing but surprisingly Ross was. Ross never dances, he infact has told me before that he cant think of anything more pointless. And so, seeing him dance only led to me beginning to believe the rumours that he fancies Jenny (If you loyal readers remember, Jenny is the 23 yr old Mancunian with a boyfriend who I met on my work experience, she is clearly attractive and a nice girl but way off limits).

    My sister requested that the DJ put on the Macarena as everyone knows that that song is a sure fire way to get me onto the dance floor and it proved to work again. I was up there strutting my stuff to the music.. now comes into play the 3 hours of football again. I was knackered by the time the Macarena had finished but then came Amarillo so I thought it my duty to start the amarillo conga. Then YMCA, then the labour party anthem 'things can only get better' by this time I actually had a stitch and so had to sit down.


    In conclusion it was a good night despite my doubts at first, there is nothing quite like dancing to camp party anthems


    Until im 18.. farewell