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  • Tate's Birthday

    Its 18th time again and this time it is Mr. Matthew 'Tasty' Tate. Tate was born in a remote suburb of Ireland called Potato, there he learned to farm from his father, the great Jim Tate A.K.A. The Great Farmer of the west. Being introduced to fame at such a young age because of his father's farming prowess, Tate had to grow up quickly and fend for himself as Jim clearly had no time for him, why would he? he's famous. Anyway Tate moved to England at the age of 3 when his family through him onto the cheapest flight they could find. He has been here ever since where he has heroicly managed to keep up both his school career and a booming farming industry.

    (Some of the above story may not be true)


    To the 18th Celebrations that took place on Friday. Of course it was Wimbledon and in the local Weatherspoon pub, I didnt go to this part, being without genuine or false identification i thought I would leave this part of the evening to the others. But on my way into Wimbledon I get a phone call from the party boy himself telling me to run to Wimbledon as there was no bouncer. Despite what you readers may think I do have some dignity and so refused bluntly to run but instead decided to take up a rather brisk walk. To my horror I arrived about 2 minutes too late and the bouncer got there, if I had ran it would have been an entirely different story but I didnt and so we carry on like this.

    I waited outside with Dan (Blondie) who had just come too but also didnt have any ID. At 8:30ish Tate and Dave came out of the pub to greet me and Blondie and so we went up to the easier hunting ground that is Wimbledon Village and to the Dog and Fox. There the 4 of us consumed a few alcoholic beverages, whilst waiting for the rest of the group to come out of Weatherspoons - they had EVILY stayed in there for several more rounds deserting the party boy on his day, disgusting - little did we know that in wishing them up there we may have ruined our own time. When they got there all was fine despite a little bad tension at first. Tate was already getting a little on the tipsy side, drinking his drink the most odd fashion thinkable - leaning down to it then picking it up, very peculiar - he has later claimed that he was doing this on purpose..

    But no it was not all fun and games, I managed to get chucked out.. HOW EMBARRASING despite being under age I dont get chucked out of places ever. I believe that we were only questioned because of the large size of the group. I was escorted out of the establishment by a friendly bouncer, who I went on to have a little chat with, he was a top notch kinda guy, I think believing I was over legal drinking age but just pointing out that if I was served the guy could lose his license blah blah. Blondie shortly got chucked out too. Then we all left and headed down into Wimbledon again.

    On the way down we bumped into a few people who we know from school, had a little chat then swiftly moved on, down to 'Po Na Na's' a Night Club that on first approach didnt allow us in because of our shoes - Apparently they had a new dress code. We were annoyed then moved on into a little place that was about as dead as the dodo to coin a well used phrase. We couldnt stay there and so we decided to ingeniously fool the bouncers into letting us in to the club by going 2 by 2. At first this appeared to be working with the first 3 pairs getting in, but of course I was in the 4th pair and me and Dave were rejected because of our converse. Bastards. But we hung about outside for a while and whether it was through pity or just sheer generosity the bouncer finally let us in, first giving us a speech how we shouldn't take the bouncers for mugs etc. but then he let us in and the party really got swinging.

    The music was blaring, the drinks were flowing and so inevitably the moves started appearing. At first most of the group were a little slow to get up to the dance floor, but not Tate as he was already quite plastered. He tried dancing with just about every girl in the place and despite following them round the dance floor not seeming to be very succesful in 'getting in there', this will be further enhanced later. Everyone started dancing after a while though andit was good, I cant say I remember what songs were being played, not because I was herendously drunk but because they were largely generic dance tunes with no real substance but for some reason just make you want to boogie. I was clearly the best dancer there *cough cough* and thus was surrounded by women, Dave was also doing similar things and im sure Mike was too, Tate was getting to the stage of too drunk to move and the rest were just hanging around. Darryl and Matt Bond left to get the last tram - party poopers - and the rest of us partied until about half past one, when Tate was looking a bit worse for wear so we initially sat him down. I then felt a tap on my shoulder, it was one of the girls Tate had been dancing with and lets just say she wasnt all too complementary about Tate but then again she did have a point, being asked what year you are in when your 28 may be a little off putting.

    We took Tate outside, where he appeared to get a lot better remarkably quicker. I said that I wasnted to go back in but most people didnt. Me, Tate and Blondie did try to get back in but the bouncer (a different one to the one that let us in) said NO! bastard I thought, so I decided to argue my case, by this time Tate and Blondie had walked off and so even if the bouncer had said yes, there would have been little point in me going in. Yet I stood there and argued the toss with him for a good 5 minutes, I was coming up with sensible arguments which he was just irrationally chucking back in my face. I then got bored and walked off.


    And that was pretty much the end of the night and thus the end of my blog

    Bye for now blog fans



  • Amazing Story Trilogy On-Line

    I am Sorry if this post will sound a little abrupt.. it is because I just did it, saved it and now its not there, stupid bloody thing.

    So I am doing it again


    The Jist of it was that my cartoon series 'The Amazing Story' Trilogy has now been posted on line for all your streeming needs. Here they are, knock yourselves out


    http://www.youtube.com/?v=9xCvd9QzJwM The Amazing story of the 3 amigos

    http://www.youtube.com/?v=2EKeEBifM-o The Amazing Story 2: A night and a half

    http://www.youtube.com/?v=NLg0g3648OQ The Amazing Story 3: The Tournament


    bye for now - watch and enjoy

  • Resits

    Yes it is my fault that I have to do these resits but I mean it is so dull. I hate revision so much, just spending hours reading over stuff that to be brutally honest you dont care about and then writing out stuff youve already written out before. Pointless.

    My laziness doesnt help with revision either, so far I have only just done the bare minimum to survive and just about got away with it. Take todays Russian history paper for example, there are about 6 topics that you need to cover just in case there is a question on them. The only subject that I actually revised thouroghly came up which was a bit of relief as when I read the part a) choice I was shitting myself because I know fuck all about the stability of Russia between 1906 and 1914 but luckily part b) was the problems faced by the provisional government. That was the best question that could have possibly come up, I dont think I could have written a more perfect question for me to answer.

    ANYWAY.. 3 of January's 6 papers down and I have a couple of days break before the next one, the dreaded Physics. I cant be arsed with Physics, it is such a boring subject.. ok it helps me understand about how parts of an engine work but it also teaches about little light bulbs and thermistors I mean when will I ever care about one of those. Oh well me and the choices I make, never seem to be the right ones.


    On a completely seperate note I have made a myspace account just for the hell of it, I actually did it when I was supposed to be revising if you must know, but it is great and feel free to add me if you have myspace, I will gladly embrace you into my myspace family: www.myspace.com/theamazinglifeofantd


    PS. My brother Gregory is 21 today.. hip hip hooray etc etc. just thought I should mention it as it is a bit of a landstone.