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  • Chronological List..

    I must admit my blogging has been a bit lacklustre since my adventure to the Holloways gig and although some large events have happened I havnt got round to write about them so here is a shot sharp list of interesting events in the amazing life of Ant D.


    Friday 31st March: Easter Holidays begin with me not bothering to go to school as I had no lessons.

    Thursday 6th April: Met Gordon Brown, future PM of the United Kingdom in what can only be described as pre-council election publicity shoots, but still it was nice and I can say Ive met him and shook his hand.

    Friday 7th April: Little drink up in Clapham

    Monday 10th April: Football game in Lower Malden, I scored an impressive 11 goals in my teams 35-33 win, an amazing feat I am sure you will agree and one which i have never done before and will probably never do again

    Tuesday 11th April: Absolutely nothing as I could barely move from day befores action

    Wednesday 12th April: Met Tessa Jowell, minister for sports and culture, I have no pictures of this though unfortunately as I had to rush home to watch the Arsenal vs Portsmouth game which frankly was more important.

    Thursday 13th April: Maundy Thursday mass which included my sister doing a reading

    Good Friday 14th April: Procession of the cross in Carshalton where I carried a smallish cross and got soaking wet because of the rain. Also saw cousin who has been living in Australia for past 6 months or so.

    Easter Sunday 16th April: Ate some chocolate, went to mass

    Wednesday 19th April: Back to school, Arsenal vs Villareal in the evening watched with family and friends in the local public house

    Sunday 23rd April: Bought tickets to see a little known band called Little Man Tate in the 100 club (where I saw the Holloways) on Tuesday 23rd May, same day as my practical Physics exam.


    And that is today, hopefully a bit more regular blogging from me in the near future, see you later people of blogspirit


  • Center Parks

    As my last ever school holidays got underway, that of Easter 2006, me and the family were off to Center Parks Adventure holiday resort for the weekend. This particular Center Parks was situated in the middle of Longleat Forest which I must say is a beautiful area, lots of trees, some trees a large lake, some more trees and a few hills and so forth. Anyway on Friday evening we made the 2 hour plus journey up reaching our destination at 6:30ish I think, but by the time we got ourselves unpacked and ready to explore the surroundings it was 8 o'clock and for some reason that is about the time that everything closes up around there, so apart from a quick trip to the sweet shop where they were so impatient to close, they nearly locked us in, we had a very quiet evening.


    Day 2, Saturday to be exact was a little livelier, a nice 12:30 awakening followed by watching telly until 2ish then going out to the 'Jardin des Sports' (It took him a while to get some sporting activity under his belt on this adventure holiday im sure your thinking but..) where we watched the football scores come in on Sky whilst eating large Ice Creams.. MMM healthiliscious. After final score we went back to the chalet before actually going swimming. Luckily the swimming place was literally a 5 minute walk from our home for the weekend and so nice and easy. We had a 2 hour swim incorporating all the various activities including slides, flumes, wave machine, the 'lazy river' and of course the Rapids. Most people on the rapids merely let the water take them round the circuit but no not my family, we raced it. Me Vs. my dad Vs. my sister in a three way free for all, Saturday was really only a warm up event though, the real racing action came on the sunday. After swimming we ate some dodgy burger and chips from a place called Krispin's, I dont advise eating there whilst listening (and dancing) to the CHEESEY music coming from the Childrens disco.. Yes Wherever I go I manage to get some, the Macarena, Saturday Night, the Cha Cha Slide and even a bit of 5ive, chees heaven. After a quick walk round the area we then went back watched match of the day (5-0, Henry is a legend) then to bed.


    Sunday was similarly slow starting although it was slightly earlier, 11ish start, then a walk back down to the Jardin des Sports, first we did the Pedalos, I can never remember why I like those, I'm always excited to go on them but then after pedaling for 2 minutes and getting knackered I am always confused. We then moved into the actual centre, asked about playing badminton (sister likes it) but the earliest we could book it for was 8 in the evening so we thought to Hell with that and we went to have a game of pool. The Longest game of pool ever. Me and my sister are both very bad at this game and so managed to drag out one game of pool for around half an hour to 45 minutes. We then went back to the Chalet to again prepare for swimming. After a few warm up lengths of the pool we again went sliding etc. THEN the Race. Unfortunately the rapids were a bit congested but that didnt stop us, it just provided more of a challenge, knocking small children out of the way whilst zooming down the stream. I won the first heat by a mile, the second heat went to Dad and the third to my sister. We decided that it would all conclude in the 4th heat. It was tense. But then it started, I got off to a good start pushing my way though, past a fat, ageing man and down the first slide. but Dad was hot on my trail, he several times tried pulling me back but I wasnt having it but then NO. A trafic jam. I literally had to push a man out of the way so that I could throw myself down, I now had the advantage which I managed to hold on to all the way to the end amd so I won the Rapid Race. CHAMPION. We then headed back to the chalet, ate some pasta, of course had to watch my new favourite Sunday night show Mayo (detective spoof type thing) and then various other shows before going to bed. Couldnt sleep, so came out watched the highlights of the Grand Prix, then tried again and this time I was away.


    Then to today, had to wake up at the stupidly early time of 8:30 to get packed up and ready before the 10 o'clock departure time. Then another long journey home where we stopped along the way to see Stone Henge, which is no more impressive in the flesh than it is in pictures.. its just a pile of old rocks, whoop de doo. Then Home.




    P.s. I got home to hear a message on the Answer Phone, I am going to Sunderland on the 1st of May to see the Sunderland Vs Arsenal Match which is nice!