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  • Boy Kill Boy

    Ahhh my first blog since arriving at Uni where I will concentrate soley on one event or at least one night of events, last night saw the band that is boy kill boy come to Essex University and thus the 1st good band that I have seen so far and so the night went as follows.


    At about 6 o'clock i realised that infact I wouldnt get any work done before we were scheduled to go out at about 7:30ish, so I messaged Ben and we went out to the kitchen, made us some toasties (its the thing to do now) and then we decided hey why not go get some alcohol from the uni shop cos it will be cheaper than buying at the gig, and so we did, only 2 cans each mind and then we hung around the flat for a while gathering nicole and alex before setting off for the gig at about 7:45


    When we got there though the doors still weren't open so we had to wait a while and then after a few minutes we went in, of course straight to the bar for a quick refreshment and then we waited for the 1st band. They were Vega4 who opened with an apology that half the band werent ale to turn up.. of course no one really cared as no one knew who they were but they turned out not to be too bad, a bit slow but nevertheless not terrible and they did get a big cheer when changing one of the lyrics in their song to essex university.

    The 2nd band were called Ali Love which is a terrible name so I assumed that they would indeed be terrible but in fact they were more enjoyable than the first lot, the lead singer was undoubtedly very cool despite his love of tight jeans. The set was finished with a song called K-hole which he said that we would all know what it meant, out of all the people I talked to not one did, but now i believe it is something to do with being high on Kitamin (some sort of drug i assume) but anyway it was a great song especially live, I listened to the demo from myspace and it wasnt as good but still a solid song.


    Then to the main event Boy Kill Boy, they were clearly a very well rounded group even if all of their songs do have a similar sound to them but hey if its not broke why fix it, over the course of the set they played all their singles and a couple of new ones and despite my shouting there was no playing of Maneater which they covered so brilliantly on radio 1 a few weeks back. They did acknowledge my shouting though which I was pretty chufed about saying "maneater, dont you want to hear any of our songs" they also played a song that they said they had never played live before, called A-OK so I feel special. Even more special since after the set the lead singer shook my hand 1st and despite him trying to get away I made the keyboard player to shake my hand and he didnt shake anyone elses how cool.


    After the show we went onto the Lost Disco because we are all so hardcore, by the end of boy kill boy we had met up with Sue (lip ring girl) and this guy called Rossen who is quite funny, and inside we met up with welsh Dan and the two Stephs medium_lost_disco_week_3.jpgand then we got down to some serious Indie dancing despite no one else there really being Indie, Alex and Nicole flirt with the idea but really they just dont match up to the standards. It was a good laugh but we were all quite tired and so we left by about half past one despite the constant playing of Libertines Larrikin Love and such, but Ive got all the songs on here anyway so there. 


    And that was pretty much that, I should probably get down to some hardcore working right now so see you all soon.. END

  • Not enough hours in the day

    I'm really sorry but there just hasnt been enough time to write any new blogs recently, bloody partying it really does take up all your time.. oh and there is the occasional going to lectures and seminars but in comparison that is nothing. I thought that after freshers week that everything would calm down and I might be able to have some reasonably early nights.. and this was true for two days I did very little in the way of going out but since then I think I have only had one night in since, Madness I tell you MADNESS!!.


    If I was to go into detail on all thats happened then we would be here all day so here is just going to be a summary of events: Ive been to 2 more gigs, one at the Twist in Colchester which is quite cool, they play live music every night - unfortunately it is rubbish music but hey it was a laugh and I also saw a stone roses cover band who were pretty dull. Ive been to the Lost Disco twice and have come to the conclusion that Indie Disco is deffinately the way forward. I have been to numerous parties one off campus at some dudes house where i ended up drinking wine out of a box, then there was Qandeel birthday (one of my flatmates) where adult pass the parcel was being played - was hilarious if a little disgusting at time the climax of which was a dude licking ketchup off another guys arse.. glad I didnt get that one. I lost a pub quiz horribly to realise that some of my flat mates won it grr. Yeh and lots of other stuff.. I now realise that my brilliant sumarising skills have meant that this has turned out to be a lot shorter than I was expecting.


    I am currently at home for the weekend as it is my mums birthday today and I shall be going back up to Uni at a stupidly early time on Monday morning.. hopefully it really will quiet down soon and I will be able to write focused blogs on particular subjects rather than summarised ones on 2 weeks worth of partying. Oooh also thankyou to those I have got letters from or have told me that they have sent them, if they arrive there when I'm at home I will probably never see them but its the thought that counts :D


    that is the shortest blog ive written for months, tarrah

  • Freshers week comes to an end

    I've already been at uni for a week, its madness, but this does unfortunately mean that nights of mindless partying and debauchery are over as I now have to start doing some work aswell. Obviously there will still be a good few nights out in the near future I expect, there are a number of bands on and the indie 'lost disco' starts tomorrow which should be awesome. But they are the subjects of future blogs and this one will probably have enough for 2 or 3.


    I left you last time on my way to the hell is for heroes gig, I since then have discovered that I dont like hell is for heroes or for that matter who ever the warm up band was. It was loud and heavy and people were trying to start a mosh pit. on the plus side i did go and get my picture taken with the lead singer which made the people who actually like the band jealous. There was then an 'alternative' disco on which was in parts ok playing the likes of placeabo and someone else that was quite good.

    Friday night we thought we would just have a quiet one, so we went to the SU bar and then into the games room where we played a bit of pool, I managed to show how bad I am to a set of new people which was mildly embarrasing but I dont care. We then played on the old it-box (pub quiz type machine for people who dont know) for a good hour and a half, there is this game called hex appeal, clever and fun, so we were all gathered round that and shouting at the screen. We then went up to the flat at about 1:30 and started an impromptue party. It started by just playing cards but then it got louder and if you make noise people come to the noise and before you know it.. party. It was probably the most drunk I got in all of freshers and I got my laptop out to the kitchen and got the macarena playing. only 3 people joined in, it was very dissapointing. Unfortunately we did end up waking up the dutch girl at about 5 o'clock and she got quite angry which is understandable as we actually said we wouldn't have a party. I did meet a 3rd year who gate crashed our party though which was hilarious as i just made lots of jokes about him being old which when drunk were hilarious, especially the ones about him listening to Jack Johnson.

    Saturday I watched the England match in the SU that was rubbish and then we went to the SU bar again in the evening to hear a bit of Karaoke and jason from our flat did some, unfortunately he is a really good singer so it takes some of the fun away. We then went to Discord, which is the regular alternative (can you put those words together.. hmm) which started off quite well with some 70s and 80s music - moved onto popular indie and then branched off into obscure shouty crap at which point i left, went briefly to a party which was also bad and then went back to the flat where i ate someones cereal.


    Now onto Sundays event which is really big enough to write a whole blog about but I will try to compress it a bit so as not to make this too long. We went to see a hypnotist show. The night started with a Canadian comedian who was basically a big bald man who made lots of jokes about cocks and sex which is funny but a little predictable, but then came the main event.

    The hypnotist got on stage and told everyone to do something which if you concentrate hard enough your arms hands supposedly end up stuck together, but that didnt happen to me so I didn't go on stage, to prove they wernt plants though (which was obvious anyway cos they were random students from uni) he picked a couple of other people to do it aswell, claiming it would work anyway.

    At first when he put them to sleep he made them do things like shiver cos it was cold or wipe their head as it was hot which was quite cool but not brilliant. As the night went on it got cruder and cruder, making people imagine they were having sex and he made guys pretend they were women and suck other mens.. and yes. One of the funniest bits was when he goes when i touch your leg you will have the loudest orgasm youve ever had and this one girl went on for ages was brilliant. Other things were making them hump there chairs and it even got as far as having guys licking cream off each other and stuff. Was really perverse but was without doubt one of the funniest things I have ever seen

    Just before the end he made people do things after they had left the building, one of the flatmates Ben, his friend was up there and his mate was told that when he got home he would call up all his friends and tell them he had a dildo stuck up his arse and then hang up and so sure enough at about 12:30 Ben got a phonecall, he put it on loudspeaker and we heard him say it as clear as day.

    I was sceptical about hypnotism before I saw that but now I believe it entirely, it was classic


    Today I had my first lectures and seminar which were boring but ah well, I think I will have a quiet night tonight before lost disco tuesday and the underwater social on Wednesday, until the next one tarrah for now