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  • Kid Harpoon @ KOKO

    This blog is just a review of the gig I went to on the 28th of December, I should have wrote this a lot earlier and made it more blog worthy with various incidents such as leanders fetish for death, his goth look and the lighter man who claimed to be the father of a premiership footballer but unfortunately my lack of enthusiasm for blog writing has returned and so apart from maybe the odd band review I don't think I will be writing any more for a while.

    Kid Harpoon has been for the last couple of years, one of my favourite artists and so when I saw that he was going to be playing at KOKO, one of my favourite clubs in London, it was immediately a certainty that I would be going.

    We got to Camden at about 9:30 hoping to get in for doors open and to our joy we were told that because we were one of the first 100 people to turn up, we got in free, Brilliant. Obviously getting in this early meant that buying driniks for the rest of the night would cost a bomb, but we had already been drinking earlier in a pub so it wasn't too bad.

    There was an early dissapointment when I saw that even the main act was only going to be on for half an hour when I was hoping for a real head-liners set as Ive never seen Kid Harpoon do more than 40 minutes but nevertheless I continued to have a good time.

    The DJ was great in my opinion, playing all the sorts of bands that you read about in NME, including no less than 3 songs by my beloved Libertines over the course of the evening.

    The first band, Paris Trading came on at about 10:30 and provided some decent music, if not particularly exciting, I must admit during this band though I was mainly still sitting and enjoying the company of my friends.

    The second band on were The More Assured who I had heard of previously only through them being one of those annoying bands who add you on myspace. I remembered listening to them before and not being particularly bothered by what they were playing. Again there was nothing really bad about them, they just provided nothing to get excited about.

    But then at about 12:30 came the main act, Kid Harpoon and the powers that be. Unsurprisingly they gave an amazing performance as I have seen on the 4 previous occasions that I've seen them play. Unfortunately their regular Keyboard player couldn't be there but he was replaced by a woman by the name of Ciara Haidar who as an artist in her own right I saw at the electric gardens festival in the summer. The show went flawlessly to my knowledge and they played all the songs that you come to expect including Death of a Rose, Milkmaid, Late for the Devil and First We Take Manhattan. I have noticed though that he never plays Colours when he is with the Powers that be, which is a shame as it is one of my favourite songs but this aside it was still an excellent set and I think they gained a few new fans in my friends.

    We stayed for a bit longer dancing to the indie DJs and then left by about 2:30 and then made our way home to various bits of south London.

    All in all a good night and so I shall be revisiting Club NME in the near future.


    END - for the indeffinite future