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  • Round up December 2007 - June 2008

    I'm a little bored right now and rather doing anything constructive like looking for a job which would help me combat my boredom as then I would have the money to actually do something. But hey, here I am writing this.


    Ok so I shall start where I left off in the last blog - That KOKO visit turned out to be quite an influencial one in the end as it was pretty much the start of my current relationship with my girlfriend Kali. It may have not been any official start to the relationship but it was pretty much the day that I realised what an awesome girl she was and thus we moved on from being the 'just friends' to a little more than that and here I am nearly 6 months down the line and we are still together. I mean obviously there has been the odd rough patch not helped by her parents (anyone who knows of Asian parents will probably understand the problems) and the problem of during term times her living over 200 miles away from me but there you go, these are the things you do for love. Yes I did say that, love. Ant D has turned into a mushy ball of fuzzyness.

    I have managed to visit Durham no less than twice in the last term but it is an expensive business. Even by coach which takes about 3 years to get there we are talking over £50 return from essex.


    Anyways, obviously that is the biggest event in my recent life. Let me see if I can make a quick list of other things I have done since that day at KOKO:

    New Years in Essex
    Up To Newcastle for a bit
    got girlfriend 'officially'
    uni yr2 term2
    went to brighton with the lads
    turned 20
    Kano gig @ uni
    had easter holidays
    Akala Gig
    uni yr2 term3
    finished exams
    Middlesbrough Music Festival

    and here we are. Obviously there was a lot of drinking and such amongst that as well but they are the main points that I can remember off the top of my head. Now I am back for summer and I have no money - I am currently in the middle of re-vamping the fruit leagues football kits and thinking I might make people in football manager, things are that bad.