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  • Dieting


    My blogs although not entirely frequent at the moment aren't non-existent which is probably of little importance to anyone because no one knows that I do them anymore so the chances of this being read by any one of the 7 billion-ish people in the world I would suggest is pretty unlikely. Nevertheless I shall be writing this and any future blogs for my own personal benefit.


    So dieting. Since going to university I have put on a ridiculous amount of weight, not that I ever used to be the sort of cb312fff203685005456bdefda1c565f.jpgperson who weighed themselves, but it was so obvious that I had put on weight by the sheer size of my face. I shall again refer to this picture.

     It shows a horrible transformation to the youthful, spritely, healthy looking young man I was going into uni into the sick fat blob that I had become. Luckily that I didn't remain at that weight for all that long but I was still a lot bigger than I once had been. Now I have wanted to lose weight for a long time as I never thought I was thing, even in teh days before uni. I never though really had the motivation to do anything about it but this summer there is a difference. My lovely girlfriend Kali has hinted that I should lose weight. You would think that this may offend me but she does it in such a nice way that I couldn't resist her charms. She pointed out that my Body Mass Index (BMI) was at 29 which is only one point away from that of an obese man of my height. I accept being overweight but obesity scares me. Not from a mere vanity standing but from health. My family has a long running history of high blood pressure and also diabetes and I don't really want to end up like so many in my family taking pills or injections every day to avoid death. I want to live a nice healthy life. And if my body becomes a slightly nicer shape in the process this cannot be a bad thing. 


    So on Saturday 19th July 2008 I started my diet. I have been weighing myself in Kilograms as it is easier to convert into statistics such as the BMI. Anyway, I weighed myself on Saturday and I was a hefty 106.9 KG, which as I said is just one point away from obese. My first aim is to get to around 95 KG which would see me be on the edge of Normal and overweight and my slightly longer term goal is to reach a weight of 90 KG which should put me at a nice healthy weight for my stature. 3 days in and I have already lost a whopping 1.2KG which I was very proud of and it is keeping me motivated to carry on the way I'm going.


    Subsequently this has meant a few things to my diet. As of today I have decided to take a temporary leave from my alcohol drinking as it is both very expensive and also contains many calories. Not to mention my liver could probably use a bit of a rest. This coupled with a healthy eating schedule, no snacking and at least 1 hours worth of exercise a day should see my weight fall off me in no time.. fingers crossed.


    Have fun people in blog land