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A Taste of reality

On Tuesday I went into Sutton, as you do, and I came back with a job. It is not totally coincidental as I did go into the employment plus recruitment agency but not actually looking for a job on this occasion. I had tried to get a job through the company at the start of the holiday and it had come to nothing but they had taken £36 off me to do a criminal records check and in the end it came to nothing so I wanted my money back. So I went in to complain and they cleverly twisted it round and got me a job.


d997fa0d1d7bfb40788bdd10e6f4722f.jpgSo wednesday naturally was my first day. The commute is a dire one and a half hours but surely it would be worth it to get the money. Hmm I ask, is it really. I got in ridiculously early as you don't want to be late on your first day and I nervously went around the building asking where to go. I got to the floor where I was meant to be and within 15 seconds of getting there I broke the door, luckily no one saw me so I think I got away with that one, how was I supposed to know there were keys and brute force was not the answer. I eventually got into reception and asked for 'Stuart' who was the guy who I would be working for and near enough the first thing he said to me was that I should be dressed smarter.. meh, I was still tired and didn't really care so I just said yes and carried on.

3add51b253c1f5a922d7f58ab2ae393b.jpgSo I got down to the work. ENDLESS piles of paper work that needed to be filed. I literally could do it in my sleep and I probably am half of the time. The people I work with are genuinely very nice and the guy from down the hall is massively tall which I found exciting.. that is how boring the work is, I can point out a tall person as a high point. I get 2 15 minute breaks and a half hour lunch break in my 8 hour day which is sufficient as there is absolutely nothing to do in the local area. As you may guess I don't exactly enjoy the job but it is getting me money.


That is it for that blog, it is horribly written and dull. It sounded a better idea in my head. it may have been better if I actually wrote it with the events of the first day fresher in my head but I went out with my mate Tom from uni in the evening so I didn't really get time. That or maybe I am just tiring of writing blogs again already, I hope not they do provode a good little thing to look back upon. See y'all later



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