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Nicole's Birthday BBQ

Again it is not surprising that I haven't kept up with the blogging and so have missed several exciting events such as the general election, my performance in the local election, the Durham ball, middlesbrough music live, Durham graduation, The Hop Farm festival and I am sure many other things in between. Not to mention the world cup being on. I digress.


It was the hottest day of the year so far, a reported 32 degrees in some parts on the capital and so going to a house full of people and eating hot food didn't seem a great idea and if we (me and Rossen) had listened to the signs we probably should never have gone as on what should be a fairly standard 45 minute journey had many hitches. 1stly the Northern line was down, then my oyster card didn't work, then my debit card wouldn't work then we overshot on the train, then the hammersmith and city line was down and you get the picture. But eventually we got to Nicole's. We put our stuff down and headed straight for the beer as you do. We mainly conversed with each other with odd nearly conversation with randomers and some longer conversations with Hayley. I should point out something whilst I am here, I have only had 4 hours sleep and more than likely am still drunk so this blog is very sketchy and non-flowing but I thought I had to write it now or I would forget. So yeah me and Rossen drank 10 beers between us and half a bottle of whiskey each and partied the night away and we left at about 3ish. The aim was to get the night bus but that never happened and we walked into central as we could see the gherkin and used that as a guiding star. Got to the bottom of that, walked to monument and found a piano randomly sitting in the middle of the street. Half the keys didn't work but it was nevertheless an amazing find. We then decided on a path of mischief which including pissing in the thames, walking through a tunnel which said don't walk, climbed onto a bridge that said don't cross and other such atrocities. Then we sat on the embankment for a while and then went to waterloo, waited a while and then caught the first train back to Wimbledon. I got home at about 8am and now here I am.




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