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  • Ross is off to America!

    This is quite late really considering he left on Monday but better late than never as they always say. Basically this blog will first reminice over the years of Ant and Ross, including some lovely photos I have dug up from the archives. Then it will move onto the activities of the last weekend.SO..


    I have known Mr. Ross Savill for a very long time, longer than I can really remember in fact as this footage from my 5th medium_scan0002.jpgBirthday will show. Me at front centre and Ross behind the little girl (for those who are interested that little girl is Janine, you know the one). medium_scan0001.jpgAnother early picture, this time at my house on those old yellow sofa things we used to have. And I must say that even then my hair was stunning, I know this blog is meant to focus on Ross but really that hair is fantastic.


    The years moved on and here is another birthday party of mine. I have nothing much to say about this one that would be any different from the first birthday one. I suppose it shows birthdays through the ages but the main reason I include it is because it shows a young Daniel Stevens.medium_little_ppl.JPG I have already exposed myself to embarrasment from youth photo so I might aswell bring others down with me.


    Here slightly older, I picked this out because I felt it showed quite accutely Ross' poor fashion sense and point out that it hasn't got much better. Although my shirt too is not brilliantmedium_Ross_and_ant_in_pub.JPG, Im not sure what this was, probably one of our parents birthdays and if I am not horribly mistaken this is what GJs looked like before it was GJs.


    Now to embarras more people. Again we are slightly older and it probably is on one of my birthdays, that sad phase where I just invited people round to play computer games.. what medium_yo.JPGsort of a birthday is that. Apart from young Ant and Ross, in this picture you can see a young Liam Morgan and Dominic Anson, how fun it is to drag you down with me.


    We then move into the 2000s and Ant and Ross are growing into horrible greasy teenagers, of all the pictures I am putting up this by far the worst due to its horriblemedium_untitled.3.JPG chavvyness. Just look at it, Im glad that phase ended quickly.


    And so we move into the modern era and finally my hair is looking lovely. Again focusing on me. Anyway here we are at my 18th.medium_ants_18th_002.2.jpg How we have grown up from the days of our youth and with that I move onto my final picture of this section. A picture taken at Ross' leaving party. medium_DSCF5970.JPGOnly 6 months or so between the last two pictures and hence not that much difference apart from it does show my newly cut hair. I talk about my hair a lot.



    So onto the second half of this blog and to the usual narrative type thing you have all been used to on my normal blogs.

    On friday we all went along to Thorpe Park for a day of thrills. Of course it was wet and horrible weather, you've just got to love the British Summertime. Anyway we went on a number of rides from Nemesis Inferno to Tidal Wave where we got soaked and horriblly uncomfortable, from Colossus to Detonator.. had to wait about an hour for a 2 second drop, stupid bloody ride although it was scarier than it looked. It was overall a good day even if more than half of I was walking around in horrible wet clothes.

    In the evening we had his going away party which was nice, good food and all that and of course it coincided with the final of big brother and so I missed Pete coming out. Very annoying that was.

    As you may be able to see I am rushing this bit because this is already very long and you are probably getting bored but dont go just yet the saturday is good. We started by watching my sister perform a little gig type thing with a few of her mates which was pretty good really, she is annoyingly talented. Then me and Ross went to Kingston to get a nice shakeaway milkshake and I finally bought the new Razorlight album which I find is horribly overrated. Then we came back to Colliers Wood to prepare for the evenings go to the pub. Ooh I had a curry aswell somewhere in there.

    This is where the night gets good. It was the Colliers Tup's one year anniversary and so they got in the first round which was nice. 1 pint on the house, then my mum bought me a couple and so on. It wasnt really going to be a get wasted kind of a night because the parents were there and Rossy isnt a get wasted kind of a fellow anyway, being a sportsman and all that he has to look after the body. But the drinks steadily flowed for me anyway and the music was getting louder. We all knew the night would end in dancing. So after we had treated Ross to his first ever shots we all made our way to the dance floor. By this time it was getting onto one o'clock and so only the hard-core partiers were there. Me, Ross, my mum, the MP and a few of her friends. The classic tunes were playing, from YMCA to Steps and S Club 7. but no macarena, every now and then I gave a shout of Macarena towards the DJ but to no avail. My Godmother having a lot of influence went up to the DJ herself and asked him to play, he said he would on one condition.. I led the dancing from ontop of the bar. So there it is the tale of the first and quite possibly last time I will ever dance on a pub bar. It was brilliant, I wasnt on my own a number of others were also on the bar including kerry mcgowan. Anyway I was the star and it was a great laugh.

    Soon after we went home to bed at about 2. Sunday went by and then monday morning, the day of Ross' departure, I woke up stupidly early to go to his house to wave him off, then went back home to sleep.. and now he is in America.



  • Balham

    I will start this blog by telling you that i am currently a little drunk so heehe (edited when sober)


    I havnt been drunk for seven weeks (as you will have read in the last blog, sorry for the repetition, alcohol, does that to you) so when dom called and said i should go out i thought why not, it will be a laugh.. it was pretty crap. The place that we were supposed to go was chucking away anyone who didnt have an ID so we didnt even bother, we just went down the road to some club.. im pretty sure that they were not expecting to open becauses there was only one guy working in the whole place. It was bloody stupid took about half an hour to get served and i owe some girl £3 because of our agreement to get the others drinks in whoever got served 1st.


    twice we went down to the local off license to get some drinks which we brought back to the club because it was a) cheaper and b) quicker than getting it from inside the club. I danced a little bit but not much. Despite there being an awful lot of scantily clad girlies (it was hoes night or something so all the girls were wearing very little) Anyway i didnt dance much , even though the girls were looking hot.


    So at about 10:30 everyone got chucked out of the club because some guy apparently got bottled in the toilets.. it was a little tragic because i had a lot more drinking left in me.. we went to the street where we stood for a while watching the police as they came to the area. Dom just left us all and a few minutes after that we all went back to balham station then got the tube home...................


    Things to report.. Overall pretty crappy night although A hell load of hot girls even if they all looked like whores.. specially the girl in the red bra.. MMmmmm


    If you read this before the editing I do apologise for the bad grammar

    Until the next blog.. shouldnt be too long.. only two more weeks of school



  • Following the trend

    Well it was DJ a couple of months ago who first changed the whole background to his blog, then the inbreder so I thought what the hec, everyone else is doing it, why not me aswell, I think the finished article is probably quite a good answer to that question, but i'll let you fine people be the judge of that so if you wouldn't mind in your comments saying whether you are happy with change or to say for fuck sake man go back, go back!


    Work experience ended in pretty much the same way as it had gone all week although the last half hour me, an american and the 23yr old mancunian were just chatting - was nice way to end, but the evening was when the real fun started, yes thats right off down the pub to celebrate the end, haha and did we celebrate first of all sneaking into the players lounge while the bouncers wernt looking, getting in a couple before being swiftly removed. Then moving on down the road and got in another 3 rounds before closing time and guess who we saw down the second pub, yes 4 of our teachers, wahey - we didnt approach them and they didnt approach us and that was for the best. And that was pretty much as far as the evening went..


    Saturday was pretty dull, went to the church fayre, although it was boring i went out twice in 1st round matches in table tennis tournaments to about 50yr old men and the unbearable heat was well... unbearable. but there was one good outcome of the day (drum role please)

    Yes this very stupid looking silver paper hat, John will be proud I was wearing it all day seen by half of the local community and I didnt care, I mean Its bloody cool. And today I went to a lame party, nothing to do just boring so dont really need to put any more detail in there. 1 week then summer Holidays, Yes


    Laters people in Blog world