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Blog - Page 4

  • Century

    Well as you may have guessed I have indeed reached my century of comments left on my blog, but the hundreth comment was not made by any of the regulars but instead by 'Max'. Well done to he, who shall eternally be written down on the history books as comment number 100.


    You didn't think that would be it though did you blog fans, oh no, I have plenty of other news items to disclose namely the immense pleasure gained by the fixing of my mp3 player. Me and technology dont mix, I am very talented at breaking or losing anything in the least bit technical but down to my very capable computer literate mates I have been able to fix it and thus not have to shell out a fortune on another one. WOOO


    I have found out that I am indeed the all time air hockey champion, I am (out of people I have seen, still havnt seen the apparent shock that is Blondie) the worst pool player ever and injury prone whilst playing football due to chucking myself to the ground every couple of minutes attempting the illusive bycicle kick goal.

    Thats all for this blog - heres to another hundred comments

  • Humans: an interesting race

    There is nothing predictable about human activity, an individual person may be predicatble for an example some people have an amazing talent to kill any joke that has been put before them, its like magic - but as a race you never know what is going to happen.

    First of all, the thriving world of Blogspirit appears to have come to a hault, the bloggers who I respond to have all stopped blogging, Why, usually I get a new blog to read once every couple days but no, none for a solid week, come on people work it.

    Also the amazing art of Gossiping, one of the main reasons i start a blog is to write stuff for my sake of getting it off my chest and none of my mates knew about it - it started well, the occasional reply from an unknown person half way accross the world. But now some how (well largely due to PNB showing them) nearly all my mates know where to find it - What is the fucking point.

    Since ive been back at school for the past couple of days i think ive written on 1 sheet of paper and had about 8 free periods. Normally u wud think great, but why bother its such a fucking waste of my not particularly well used time.

    Fuck U All... Ant