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  • The Blog: day 2

    After the amazing response to my first blog (a whole 2 responses, how these people knew where it was is neither here nor there) i have decided to continue my blog career.

    Today was a lovely snowy day... Morning comes, I look out the window and there before my eyes was a lovely white blanket covering the garden. WOW i thought to myself, then i realised i had still got to go to school.. DAMN!

    All was not lost tho, during my "study" period me and a few mates went and had a snow ball fight.. twas brilliant
    Then we were ambushed by a load of yr13s (thats 18yr olds.. i apologise to my American fanbase but i dont know what grade that makes them if any), it was a great fight but we were outnumbered by about 3 to 1 so we had to make a fairly swift retreat

    Unfortunately the planned snow ball fight for after school was ruined by a sunny afternoon :(

    This has been Ant D's Blog: day 2, I thank you

  • Ant D's first blog!

    Well... isnt this a whole load of fun, i have discovered the joy of a blog. I have no idea what to write on sommat like this so i will just keep going with whatever comes to mind until i can think no more. Yup thats about it as far as thinking goes...
    heres a little about the one and only ant d:
    Anthony Draper, 17, 6ft2ish
    fav band: the Libertines - fav song: Dont look back into the sun
    fav film: speed
    fav football team: Arsenal
    fav local football team: Sutton United
    I eat, I sleep, I play

    Ant D's first Blog over and out