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Lost 'faith' in the Weather

The great British weather a variable smorgasbord one day rain one day sun some days even snow. Today was one of the hotter varieties, too bloody hot in my book. People say that no one is ever happy with the weather - not me - i see no problem with cold weather, if its cold u can put another layer of clothing on, it gets too hot... unless your willing to serve a jail sentence your pretty much stuck. I say that cold weather should be more common place, i think its my geordie coming out.

Now for the poor pun in the title i have put faith as shown because also today i bought the faithless greatest hits cd, i hear you cry that it is not my usual indie rock but you need a bit of variation in life to keep yourself occupied.


  • what's wrong with temperate? no too hot, not too cold? I always wondered why people jump to the extremes in situations like this....

    "you can be rich and miserable (load of poop, btw)or poor and happy (also poop)" - why can't we be moderately well off and happy?

  • "If you're happy... screw you, arsehole!" id=s my view.

    DAMN RIGHT! I Agree totally! Cold can be dealt with! Hot can't! Props to the cold!

  • I like the cold. And going to bed at night and being so warm in a cosy duvet! I Hate the heat. And waking up in the morning boiling hot and having to hate a cold bath, then halfway through acclimatising and realising the water's TOO DAMN COLD.


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