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Humans: an interesting race

There is nothing predictable about human activity, an individual person may be predicatble for an example some people have an amazing talent to kill any joke that has been put before them, its like magic - but as a race you never know what is going to happen.

First of all, the thriving world of Blogspirit appears to have come to a hault, the bloggers who I respond to have all stopped blogging, Why, usually I get a new blog to read once every couple days but no, none for a solid week, come on people work it.

Also the amazing art of Gossiping, one of the main reasons i start a blog is to write stuff for my sake of getting it off my chest and none of my mates knew about it - it started well, the occasional reply from an unknown person half way accross the world. But now some how (well largely due to PNB showing them) nearly all my mates know where to find it - What is the fucking point.

Since ive been back at school for the past couple of days i think ive written on 1 sheet of paper and had about 8 free periods. Normally u wud think great, but why bother its such a fucking waste of my not particularly well used time.

Fuck U All... Ant


  • awww you poor soul!
    pot noodle breath should be hugn for showing everyone, a blogs like a diary mang, not for people in your personal life to see!!!

    take mate mate and calm down, listen to 'the whole world is our playground' or 'up the bracket' :)

  • yesyes! hang me! please feel free to do so!

  • Heh. I know the feeling, Ant.
    Why, I wrote the same thing on my blog just a few days ago. Or was it yesterday morning? I forget.

  • Well said

  • Hey, I only told Bond, and I thought you'd be glad of the publicity - everyone at the school and pretty much everyone I know outside it knows about my blog!

    You can always password-protect the blog, or relocate it to a different address and then notify your faithful by email, you know!

    Nothing predictable about people? Try telling Derren Brown that!

  • you already started school again? what about summer vacation?!

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