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  • Birth, Death and all thats in between

    I havent written a blog in ages, that is mainly because i just dont see the point any more plus there is very little in my life worth writing about at the moment, nothing new anyway - I cant be arsed to do my homework and yet am getting away with it so i probably wont do it until i am threatened at gun point to do so - ive been playing 5-a-side football for the last 2 weeks and am likely to be going for a third consecutive week, good for general fitness bad for everything else, it costs £3 to get onto these pitches, it makes me knackered so i cant go out on the friday evening and then i ache for the whole bloody weekend.

    Bringing that point up again about not going out after it.. I havent been pissed in 6 going on 7 weeks now, what has my life come to that i havent got pissed in almost 2 months.. I need drink so I have decided I am going out to get pissed this week even if i have 2 go by myself
    (people reading this might be thinking this guy is an alchoholic, but i would like to reassure you that i am not)
    (now you are probably thinking that i am in denial and am indeed an alcoholic i again assure u i am not)
    I could carry on like that for a while but i wont


    what else to put in this blog... hmmm..