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  • And I thought Friday was bad..

    Well I didn't lie, being half term I have already done so much that could almost constitutionalise two seperate blogs but no I will merge them into the 1 bitesize package for all to enjoy.


    On Monday it was time for another group shop, oh yeh it was so me, dave, matt and tate head off to Kingston to spend our dosh. It took us quite a while to get into our stride this time though, although entering many good shops before lunch not an item was bought, but I was heavily tempted by the T-shirt that said "i'm not gay i just like rainbows".. so we again went to the lovely pizza express where me and tate ate the big bastard spicy pizza which matt and the scotsman were too wussy to attempt. Despite the advertising, it wasnt actually that hot, well at least I didnt think so.

    Anyway after lunch is when the shopping started and as usual HMV provides an unstoppable urge to buy, I can't help it the music just asks to be bought for me it was Bright Eyes - Digital Ash in a Digital Urn and The Go! Team - thunder, lightning, strike. I also forced Dave to buy the first Libertines album, he has finally succumbed to Pete's genius. Unfortunately we were a little to chicken to buy Dirty Dancing despite it being a great film, the image it gives off is well.. a little queer. Next stop where something was bought, the one and only primark where i purchased a lovely long sleeved white t-shirt, perfect for wearing under any t-shirt and a bargain at just £4. Tate bought a rather fetching jumper for just £8 if there is a shop which is better for bargains i have never seen it. Matt still hadnt bought anything at this point despite constant pressure to do so by everyone else.. oh yeah tate bought a shirt from next which in my opinion was pretty average especially as there was a damn sexy purple one for just a couple quid more right next to it. Anyway it wasnt untill the last shop we entered that matt bought anything, he bought the man in the iron mask on dvd and michael Jakson's no.1s on CD. Not the best buys ive ever seen but it was his first time shopping with the lads, hes still learning. Then the bus home for the end of the day.. as usual a recap on my purchases:

    Bright Eyes - Digital Ash in a Digital Urn
    The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike
    A long sleeved white t-shirt
    and lunch in Pizza Express


    NOW.. day 2 of half term and the reason for my title, My last blog explained the toils of playing football, yet yesterday I decided why not go play again, so i did. And bloody hell I really shoud have taken my words into consideration as I came back in AGONY.
    It again started nicely and I was actually playing reasonably well, my technique pretty decent considering my usual hit and hope tactics but this isn't the point after only about half an hour of play i was hurting a little after having a bit of a thigh strain but being a man i carried on complaining only a little, scoring a few goals and what have you. Then when everyone arrived who was going to arrive we had a little 5 or 6 aside game again playing ok apart from my glaring open goal miss but that doesnt matter, the big story was when i was in the middle of an 'amazing' run down the left wing when my foot got caught in the ground and i fell down hearing a click as I went over. As has happened before people all laugh until realising that i was actually in pain and then they all rushed round. At that point it was painful but i cud just about walk on it so i sat out whilst everyone else played a round of cup. We went home about 6ish and i was thinking it was getting better but when i got to wimbledon i tried walkin on it but i surrenedered and got the bus home and at about 7:30ish the pain was unbearable and here i am today not being able to walk..

    Im guessing I have just sprained my ankle and so touch wood it will all be good again soon, but it does mean that going out over half term has now practically ceased for me.. oh well at least i can get down to some homework.. hoorah


    Until the next blog i'm out



  • Aches and Pains

    It was only last week that I was complaining about the pains of the hangover, but now I have a pain far worse that of aching after having a decent exercise sessions for the first time in probably 6 months. Bloody hell, the pain this morning was immense, well when i say this morning I only managed to surface at 1:40 due to the pain I was in. I literally couldnt walk on the balls of my feet...


    Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to Imber Court to play football with a few of my good chums. It was the first time I have actually been there despite being invited a number of times but can you blame me, they go just after school and it involves walking and running when I could be going home and sleeping in my nice warm bed.. Mmmm bed.... Anyway, I went and it was pretty damn fun from the guy telling us to get off the pitch who we ignored until he came back a little while later looking a tad angry, to my superly amazing goal which I think I may have mentioned to the people playing.

    it looks as though I will be doing this again at some point over this lovely week that we call half term.. which begs the question do i like putting myself through pain. I know that both this and excessive drinking both cause pain the next morning yet I do it anyway I must be mad.


    As you may have guessed I dont really have that much to write about this week but im sure that being half term there will be plenty going on so do watch out for some more great incite into the amazing life of Ant D. Oh I think I forgot to mention, I scored an excellent goal yesterday :p

  • My head hurts..

    Right, lets start this with pointing out that the blog spirit community has seemed to dried up a bit, do people have lives or something now meaning that they cant write blogs any more.. why..WHY?


    Anyway back to the purpose of the Blog, it would seem that my days of drinking and not suffering any consequences except maybe the regretting of actions made whilst intoxicated, which i suppose is quite enough really the silly shit i do. But the last couple times ive gone out drinking ive been feeling a little worse for wears in the morning, yes the hangover. I know most people reading this will be thinking get over it we've all had hangovers. yes yes thats nice, I dont care about you, I have managed to survive this long hangover free but now the hangovers are here. I thought that I might just be lucky but clearly not, even as i write this my head is pounding from last night. I know that sitting at a computer screen isnt necessarily the best thing for a headache but im bored.


    Last night I went to a party - no it wasnt another 18th but a 17th some girl called siobhan and to be brutally honest i dont know who the hell she is but i got dragged into going. It wasnt the best night ive ever had, surrounded by a load of people who i dont know and for that matter dont want to know. It was an odd selection of people at a gathering from the chavs complete with big furry hooded puffer jackets to the hardcore grungers with hair that made mine look short and more make up on then most of the girls.

    At first i was just sitting there drinking talking to the people i knew and a little bored, regretting coming but as the drinks were flowing i started.. no i didnt it stayed pretty dull the whole time although it did get quite a bit more dramatic as the night went on. So apart from staring at a certain someone accross the room for most of the evening watching her getting on quite well with some dude and getting a little jealous i did very little UNTIL..


    It all kicked off first there was nearly a fight between my mate Dom who people know isnt the biggest guy in the world and a HUGE guy who would have almost certainly knocked him out within a matter of seconds. Then things were said between people and there were tears and everything. By this time we were being chucked out of this place (quickly when talking about the place, the people there clearly have no morals just serving anyone, yes i wudnt get served if they were checking id's the whole time but you need limits) me and dom went off, his girlfriend crying matt umm.. somewhere. then me and dom walked off up the road, then came back dont ask me why then we found matt, then got the bus and dom crashed at my house - as you might notice that end bit was a little brief but then thats about all i remember, i was quite drunk despite not having all that much to drink, i was just hyper i think.

    Sleeping on the floor isnt nice...


    heres a few bits that i have left out:
    talking to this guy for a few seconds then downing his drink
    people getting high
    slamming my finger in a phone box
    phoning people at about 12:30..


    Now i need to go and lie down