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  • Merry Christmas and a happy Newcastle

    Wow my blog title is almost witty, how strange. Well since my last blog I have had a haircut (see the photo album on the left) I have had a nice little Christmas and gone to Newcastle for my cousin's 21st birthday and come back ready to party tonight for new years.


    My Christmas was pretty uneventful, apart from the fact that the whole day was moved back about an hour from last year it was pretty much exactly the same. It is almost sad that I dont have the youthful exuberence of.. well my youth and getting up at 5 or 6 o'clock in the morning, this year it was more like 9. My presents consisted of CDs, DVDs, Games, Clothes and money mainly which was nice all very useful and/or wanted except for a very odd present given to me by one of my mums long lost friends who clearly doesnt know me at all and so decided to get me a cd by a french MC called Solaar.. being adventurous i gave it a listen but unsurprisingly i quickly got bored and then fell asleep whilst listening. I had a massive dinner which was lovely, then onto the annual board games all evening which is always a laugh.

    Boxing day saw the aunties and uncles come over to my house for a nice boxing day meal which was nice.. only word to describe it really wasnt fun really, just nice. On the 27th my Granny from the Isle of Wight came to my house for apparently the first time in 14 years, which is pretty shocking really. That was also.. nice if a little more stressful as I had to quickly tidy my room as she wanted a house tour as she hadnt seen it for so long.


    Then on the 28th of December saw me go up to the (Spiritual) Homeland that is Newcastle. The main reason was for my cousin Gemma's 21st birthday but also to see some of my family who live up there. I arrived in Newcastle central station at 4ish and got a taxi up to Birtley (where my cousin actually lives). Watched the TV for a little while before moving on to the hall where the party would be and what a party it was. At 7:30 it really started to get going with the DJ playing some great tunes, a tasty buffet meal and of course a good few drinks. I didnt really get into it until about 10ish, midway through my 4th pint of lager when lo and behold the DJ throws in the Macarena and no one in their right or wrong mind can resist the Macarena and so I was up strutting y stuff to the beat which is where i stayed for most of the rest of the party dancing to all sorts of camp party anthems aswell as some more modern tunes. The party had to stop at 11 because of the hall only being hired for that time and so a large percentage of the 70+ people from the party went back to the house. I thought that the party would go down from then on but no, I was wrong, talking with drunken Geordie students was brilliant, who would have thought that you could hold down a half an hour long conversation about socks. I wish I could remember the hilarious things that were said but unfortunately that is about as much of the conversations that I remember because i was supplied with more alcoholic beverages. After my 6th Pint of lager (in total, not just at the house) my uncle comes up to me and asks me in his strong geordie accent "what you drinking puffy lager for man, here let me get you something else" to which i followed him into the kitchen and I was offered all sorts of spirits some of which i had tried and some of which I hadnt. I decided in the end to go for the Gin on Tonic which by my reckonning was rather heavy on the gin but it was still very nice, so i had 2 of those, the 2nd even stronger than the first and so by 2 o'clock and a few amusing conversations later i was a little drunk.  Then I went to bed..

    The day after the party was quite a quiet day with everyone suffering a little from the night before


    But Friday saw the post Christmas sales shopping trip to the METRO CENTRE, the biggest shopping mall in Europe so I'm told. It is such an amazing place. We were there for 5 hours and we didnt even cover half of the shops. I did manage to buy though, a belt, a Delays album, the Louis XIV album, a couple singles from the bargain bucket and shaun of the dead on DVD but tht was mainly to use up a woolworths voucher i got for Christmas. I love that place and I think that me and my mates must go to Newcastle, would be the ultimate shopping challenge not like tiny little Kingston.


    Anyway, So today, New Years eve We came home and I am now ready to go out partying again to bring in 2006 with a BANG!. See you in the new year

  • A Year is a very long time

    I was thinking today, just how long has my hair been growing - this thought came into my mind most likely because I am getting a hair cut tomorrow, not so much of a cut more of a trim i hope. Anyway when lulling over the facts i realised that it has probably already been over a year since I last had my hair cut. Now I don't know about you readers but for me that marks quite an amazing triumph. I have of course prepared before and after pictures for you to see this process in its entirety.

    This, not entirely flattering, picture of myself must have been taken late in 2004 or possibly even early 2005 as it has been taken with my sisters christmas present (a webcam). Ignoring the very shiny face you will be able to see that my hair is quite incredibly short. Now this picture, again not entirely flattering, but a little better in my opinion shows my hair today, december 13th 2005 and you can truly see the difference a year makes. I bring my hair back to the attention of the blog because as i mentioned earlier, tommorow is the day of my haircut and to put it bluntly, I'm terrified that my luscious locks will be taken down in their prime and thus lose me all my identity. I will readily admit that my hair is probably a little too long now but i still love it and to see any of it go will be hard for me. I'm sure though the professional touch of a hairdresser (not barber oh no, this will be styled amazingly) will delight me and bring me mouch joy.


    On a completely unrelated note.. THERE ARE ONLY 3 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL. Yes the Christmas holidays are upon us again and for me they will be as busy if not busier than usual. I still have Christmas shopping, I'm sure drinking, a visit from my gran who lives in the isle of wight, tidying my room, revising for exams in january, christmas day itself, boxing day - both seeing family and the sutton utd vs carshalton match, post Christmas shopping in the sales, more revision for the january exams, going to newcastle for my cousins 21st Birthday and then new years celebrations.. Phew that is a lot.. even more than I was expecting. Oh well i'm sure that I will have fun in the process


    for now people i wish you farewell.. tarrah

  • Balham

    I will start this blog by telling you that i am currently a little drunk so heehe (edited when sober)


    I havnt been drunk for seven weeks (as you will have read in the last blog, sorry for the repetition, alcohol, does that to you) so when dom called and said i should go out i thought why not, it will be a laugh.. it was pretty crap. The place that we were supposed to go was chucking away anyone who didnt have an ID so we didnt even bother, we just went down the road to some club.. im pretty sure that they were not expecting to open becauses there was only one guy working in the whole place. It was bloody stupid took about half an hour to get served and i owe some girl £3 because of our agreement to get the others drinks in whoever got served 1st.


    twice we went down to the local off license to get some drinks which we brought back to the club because it was a) cheaper and b) quicker than getting it from inside the club. I danced a little bit but not much. Despite there being an awful lot of scantily clad girlies (it was hoes night or something so all the girls were wearing very little) Anyway i didnt dance much , even though the girls were looking hot.


    So at about 10:30 everyone got chucked out of the club because some guy apparently got bottled in the toilets.. it was a little tragic because i had a lot more drinking left in me.. we went to the street where we stood for a while watching the police as they came to the area. Dom just left us all and a few minutes after that we all went back to balham station then got the tube home...................


    Things to report.. Overall pretty crappy night although A hell load of hot girls even if they all looked like whores.. specially the girl in the red bra.. MMmmmm


    If you read this before the editing I do apologise for the bad grammar

    Until the next blog.. shouldnt be too long.. only two more weeks of school