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  • 4am, what is the point

    Indeed I have not written much for a while, but this is mainly because there has been very little to talk about. I unlike PNB find it very hard to ramble on for a good few paragraphs on absolute nonsense, my posts have to mean sommat.

    Last night as we all know was the marvellous election results, as predicted the Labour party won a historic third term. Like the nerdy politics student that i am, i managed to work at Mitcham & Morden Labour party HQ from 7pm till 9pm, then went off to watch as much of the election as was feesably possible. The slow nature of events made it worse, only 4 seats declared in the 1st 2 hours. At 2:10am mitcham and morden was declared safe again losing only 4% which went straight to the Lib Dems, so hoorah my godmother, Miss Siobhain McDonagh retained her seat. Unfortunately neighbouring wimbledon went to the scum party (conservatives) but it was expected. Anyway I carried on watching until 4am before i collapsed into a state of slumber, TV still on. 3 Hours later i had to get up for school and now i am Knackered.

    I did also buy a shiny new mp3 player this week, capacity of aboot 300 songs, radio, microphone and some other snazzy features all for just £79.99 from amazon. The Libertines, Babyshambles and alike have been constantly in my ear for the last 3 days, woooooo