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  • Ecole est fini et monsieur Pete

    for those lacking knowledge of the french language, School is finished and Mr Pete

    School roughly over for another year just a few exams and some review day thingies left and what a rubbish year its been. Dropping out of my maths class half way and so being looked upon as a failure by several teachers, various other failings and probably some other shit.

    Not all bad though, the discovering of the Wimbledon Village Bakery, expensive but worth every penny, that place sells baked paradise.

    Anyway its over so enough of that.... Moving on to more important matters - Stalking Pete Doherty, i hope everyone watched this programme with intent

    Even though it wasnt particularly about Petey, it was more about the interviewer it was still a worthwhile watch, by the end i was wanting to hit that Max Carlish (documentary maker) myself, what a total prat he is.

  • Binge Drinking UK

    being a 17yr old you would think that going out of an evening would result in little or no fun, yet i managed to get well and trully pissed for the first real time. Ive been light headed before but this time was something else...

    It started off drinking pints of carling as there was no fosters, but no one liked tht so we tried grosche, some disliked it so much that it was passed on to me as im not fussy, then we tried amstel again people didnt like so i felt obliged to help out. So by this time i had had 5 pints whereas others had had only 1 or 2, we then moved out of that pub to find somewhere that did fosters to suit the others but as you may have guessed by this time i was a little drunk. Still i ended up drinking more a pint of fosters normally and then stupidly downing the next pint. Almost immediately i threw it back up again and that was me done for the night.

    7pints of beer in 2hrs is not clever, dont let anybody tell you otherwise. I know that we walked around a bit and that we bought a kebabor something but to be honest my memory of that part of the evening is a bit hazy. My mate Dave lovingly phoned my mum and got her to pick me up, got home, threw up some more then went to sleep.

    This morning you would think that i should have a hangover but no, i still have never sampled the pains of a hangover, which begs the question what would it take for me to have a hangover? and i got up early enough to watch the final instalment of the hit TV show playing it straight. Who would have thought Ben the builder would have been a big quier, ludacris...

  • Call that talent?

    In my previous post i talked of music reinventing itself, yes, fair enough there is nothing new to create so new bands take what old bands did and adapt it for a modern audience, but Coldplay take the biscuit...

    They are so bloody cocky that they take their own song and ever so slightly adapt it and release it again.
    Some people might be wondering what the hell i'm on about, but the more observant (does that work with listening) of you will have noticed that coldplays latest cuncoction - speed of sound sounds like a remixed version of Clocks, I mean even I could re-release a song that had already been written. I just wanted to get this off my chest as it really pissed me off.

    Something else that pisses me off, I have to wait until July at least before the babyshambles album to come out, why must they torture me so?