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  • Music reinventing itself

    Parents what are they good for?

    Some may cook for you, wash your clothes, etc. but that not what im thinking of...
    Although my Mums taste in music rarely branches away from elvis presley, my dads taste in music is genuinly quite good!

    In listening to various collections of my dads music, i have noticed that new bands infact sound the same as old bands from the 1970s and 1980s... just a few examples:

    The Libertines - Early stuff from The Cure
    The Killers - Echo and the Bunnymen
    The Strokes - Velvet Underground

    Im sure there are several more that i cant remember, but other bands from this sort of period worth listening to:
    The Who, The Doors, The Clash, T-Rex, The Jam

  • Ultimate fan site and Labour Conference

    My already burning love for the Libertines has recently been enhanced by my encounter with my new found partner in great music, the lovely inbred lass. Whilst searching through various Libertines, Babyshambles, Wolfman and even Yeti related websites i realised that what the World Wide Web was really missing was an amazingly brilliant Pete Doherty fan site, and so me in my decades of so called free time in which i quite possibly be revising for my up and coming exams, decided to fill this void.
    The Worlds Greatest Pete Doherty Fan Site - Libertine11

    I hope that anyone who has the opportunity to can take time to revel in the man that is pete doherty

    All who know me and possibly some who don't are aware of the fact that I am a Labour supporter - My point to be made, which i am almost certain will gain most reaction from the readers of this blog is:
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it - others would say that it is "broke", that the Labour Government is unfit to run the country but I say that the Government has done plenty to help the citizens of this country over the past 8 years, including solving much conflict in Sierra Leone, Kossovo and to some extent Northern Ireland. Also Inflation has stayed low, the economy is in a decent way and possibly most importantly they have doubled the amount of aid going to developing countries. I ask is there any alternative - Tories are a bunch of racist scum:) and the liberals although have some good ideas would not be able to run a Government.

    Anyway none of that was intentionally going to be my point - Today I went to a Labour conference. Twas brilliant not only were there inspirational speeches from Tony and Gordon, but also a satellite link up with Bill Clinton and various celebrity appearances such as June Sarpong, Dermot O'Leary and Chris Eubank to name but a few...

    That is easily my longest blog ever, so if you've read the whole thing well done and remember -
    If you value it, Vote for it.

  • Conference South

    For all you budding sports fans, you will be glad to know that today Sutton united have just secured enough points to maintain their position in the Conference South for another year.
    Beating Welling United today by one goal to nil, scored by Joff Van Sittart ,made sure that Sutton can no longer be relegated. Feel free to go to the Sutton United website www.suttonunited.net


    This week i bought:
    Graham Coxon - Happiness in Magazines
    Willy Mason - Where Humans Eat