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miscilanious - Page 3

  • the University of Essex

    Well as most people I am sure will know, I am now at University and after only 4 days I am back on the internet and writing blogs, its just like I never left really. So far I have had some ups, some downs and some quite bizzare things happening.


    I got to Uni at about 3ish on Sunday 1st October and I didnt really do much, I unpacked met a few people but decided not to go out first night, which yes I know is a bad idea but I ws tired and had a massive headache and thus couldnt be bothered to go out. Luckily my flat mates all appear to be friendly and so I got to know them properly on day 2.

    The main characters on my floor are Jason, a very talkative lad who gets along with everyone and is a good laugh, Ben the guy who I assumed on first sight was a big emo because of his hair and shoes with skeletons on but it turns out his favourite band are the levellers (for those who dont know they were a brit-pop band who were around in the late 90s) he proudly states that he has seen them 21 times. There is Nicole who is quite an attractive young lady who i think might be a year older than me but she is quit posh sounding. Then there is Mike who is a normal lad who for some strange reason is doing maths. Others include Qandeel, Shaun and Sem. I cant remember the names of the others but there is 16 of us in total. There are a couple of other people from other floors who are quite cool aswell but I can't be arsed to name them.


    So onto my first night out, originally it was radio 1 DJ Sarah Cox on the bill but she cancelled which at first was dissapointing but then when we found out the replacement act I was pleased. It was the Venga Boys, the campest act of the 90s and they were awesome. They played the classics, venga bus, going to ibiza and boom boom boom. But not sex on the beach which leads me to think they didnt actually sing it. The rest of the night was a DJ playing all sorts from cheese to indie to (unfortunately) R&B and then the fire alarm went off at quater to 3 and so we went back to the flat where we chatted until 4ish. (I forgot to mention before the fire alarm going of on the 1st night at 2:30am leading me to standing on the tower forecourts in my pyjamas and bare feet.)

    Night 2 saw what I thought would be a quieter night, we went upstairs to flat 11 where we started a drinking game which involved taking a card from a pack and each card had a different meaning of which most involved someone having to take a drink. So naturally I got quite sozzled playing that and this drunkeness led to my personal highlight of the evening, me singing to a girl from Leeds. She had a yorkshire accent so i of course tried to mimic it but she wasnt impressed so I sang in my finest Arctic monkeys voice which she did admit was good but on the couple of occasions ive seen her since she has remembered to bring it up. We stayed on the floor till about 5 listening to Americans talking about America then went to bed.

    night 3 saw a similar night although before any drinking commencedwe played a game known as ultimate spoons which involved a card game which had a rummy-esqe feel and basically the 1st person to get 4 of a kind would know to start running and find a spoon which had been hidden somewhere in the tower. There was one less spoon then people playing and although that is a poor explanation it is a great game. The drinking games started in my flat and then we moved down to flat 4 where we heard the party was at. At first it was a bit boring but it evolved into quite a good time and included a girl singing along with a guy playing the guitar. It was really good, the girl had an amazing voice and later told us that she had actually recorded a couple of tracks professionally. That party ended quite early (by this it must have been 2:30ish), so our flat all wen looking for another party all over the campus and we found nothing and so went back to good old flat 11 where we were the night before and chatted until 4ish.


    Tonight im going to see a band called hell is for heroes and so I shall leave you their, Tarrah

  • Countdown

    Not only the name of a fantastic daytime channel 4 show but it also is a good word to represent me nearing the end of my time here, before i move on to pastures new in the shape of University. It seems to have all come round very quickly.. I can remember my 1st day of 6th form like it was yesterday and yet here i am on the eve of my university life.


    Last weekend saw a number of people including Dave and Matt, leave for university and so as we do with most Occasions we went to the pub to celebrate. and celebrate we did. I Got to the pub quite late at around nineish to see that a few people were already there and from what happened next I assume they had been there a while because Harvey managed to drop his pint on the floor and smash his glass into itty bitty pieces, thats the 2nd time hes done that on a night out with us.. poor show. The night went on the drinks... trickled rather than flowed because the bar queue was so bloody long. Then by the end of the night no one was really drunk, Tate was the most but then hey whats new and we all said our goodbyes to Dave and Matt. Matt actually walked back to my house where we watched some footy highlights for a bit before he walked off home at 2:30ish despite my generous offer for him to crash the night. (for close followers of the blog I also got the £10 owed to me by Phoebe that night which was nice)

    It hit me soon after that night that my life was indeed changing - don't grown that I am getting all emotional, you dont have to read this - it wasnt that I was just living away for 3 years but also that after those 3 years I would have to be in work and so I started thinking this is really an end of an era. That thought stayed for a while and then I realised SHIT its the end of an era and i havn't got a clue what I'm doing and Im not gonna make any friends at uni and im gonna fail all my exams and my life will be hell from now until the day I die. Luckily these thoughts soon passed aswell largely through the help of miss Laura's kind words, she having lived through the 1st year of university managed to calm me down a bit and now I find myself quite looking forward to the prospect of going.


    So what do you do when you realise its all going to be ok?? you go out to the pub again of course, a week later, this night wasn't as successful with very few people turning up but ah well saw Leander for the 1st time in a while with his, dare i say it, stylish new hair do... what he paid for it to look like that need not be mentioned (lots). But the night wasnt all bad oh no, in parts it was quite interesting, especially the bar maid who when serving me said hey Anthony despite me not having the faintest idea who she was, she did look vaguely familiar to me but no matter how hard i try and can not put a name or a reason for knowing with that face. Also as the night progressed I saw some others that i probably wont see again before uni starts. The night did end rather early though as I was home by about eleven and speant the rest of the night talking on msn, which was nice.

    I am looking forward to this going to uni malarky, its all very exciting with my accomodation being finalised and my loan going through and my shiny shiny new laptop coming through the post. But it is not all fun and games, there are still a lot of things that need doing such as major shopping trips and of course sorting out my bloody bank account which those fine people at Lloyds TSB managed to muck up for me. Nevertheless, with only a week to go before uni starts I am looking forward rather than back.




  • Chronological List..

    I must admit my blogging has been a bit lacklustre since my adventure to the Holloways gig and although some large events have happened I havnt got round to write about them so here is a shot sharp list of interesting events in the amazing life of Ant D.


    Friday 31st March: Easter Holidays begin with me not bothering to go to school as I had no lessons.

    Thursday 6th April: Met Gordon Brown, future PM of the United Kingdom in what can only be described as pre-council election publicity shoots, but still it was nice and I can say Ive met him and shook his hand.

    Friday 7th April: Little drink up in Clapham

    Monday 10th April: Football game in Lower Malden, I scored an impressive 11 goals in my teams 35-33 win, an amazing feat I am sure you will agree and one which i have never done before and will probably never do again

    Tuesday 11th April: Absolutely nothing as I could barely move from day befores action

    Wednesday 12th April: Met Tessa Jowell, minister for sports and culture, I have no pictures of this though unfortunately as I had to rush home to watch the Arsenal vs Portsmouth game which frankly was more important.

    Thursday 13th April: Maundy Thursday mass which included my sister doing a reading

    Good Friday 14th April: Procession of the cross in Carshalton where I carried a smallish cross and got soaking wet because of the rain. Also saw cousin who has been living in Australia for past 6 months or so.

    Easter Sunday 16th April: Ate some chocolate, went to mass

    Wednesday 19th April: Back to school, Arsenal vs Villareal in the evening watched with family and friends in the local public house

    Sunday 23rd April: Bought tickets to see a little known band called Little Man Tate in the 100 club (where I saw the Holloways) on Tuesday 23rd May, same day as my practical Physics exam.


    And that is today, hopefully a bit more regular blogging from me in the near future, see you later people of blogspirit