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I go driving in my car

Not technically my car but it sounded good so i wrote it, ok? Anyway, today I had my first driving lesson and what a jolly occasion it was and the news that you all wanted here.. I didn't crash so everything is good.


At first i was a bit aprehensive of the starting time being 10:30, but its not too early really and to my delight quite a good time to drive as there arent that many cars on the road. I must admit I was a tad nervous at the start but it was ok because i was completely petrified within 10 mins because this is about when i was to get in the drivers seat. Before that he showed me a very nice booklet of how i should be doing things. I was half paying attention, half worrying about crashing.


So when I got behind the wheel, I strapped up, looked in my mirrors, adjusted the seat (which was pointless as the car is too small for me). But then i was off. I dont think i looked to make sure nothing was coming but ah well shit happens. I was driving woooo and apart reving stupidly high at points it was going good. Left turns, Right turns, gear changes ahh life was just peachy. The bit I disliked the most was the roundabout, it tricks the mind that does having to indicate, turn - hold it down, then indicate the other way then turn the other way, madness. I realise all you who read my blog and have passed my test will be laughing at me but I am sure you didnt like it at first its scary computer games dont tend to have roundabouts so my experience was zero. ANYWAY that was the worst bit, I did quite succesfully manage a 3-point-turn which for some reason he made me do before i'd even learnt how to reverse, but I took to it well.

Then I had to go onto the main road to get home, that was at first a bit scary but it turned out to be no worse than any other bit apart from having to wait longer before i could do things. Then I got onto my road, did a nice bit of parking with reversing - not paralel but still harder than the just pulling in i had done previously. I now have a lesson tomorrow, next tuesday and next friday all to look forward to.

 Things to improve:

I only stalled twice in 2 hours which wasnt too bad but still work on that

Breaking more gently although that was coming along by the end

remembering to change gear whilst stopping before a corner


until the next one tarrah


  • well done where the bloody hell have you got the money for that from i thought you were skint?

  • *FLY!!!*

    erm, yes.

    I can drive a boat. I think. I drove a boat pretty fine, but that was about two years ago.

  • WOOOO.... someone loves Anthony.

    damness. the link goes nowhere. but why put a dead link? You can just not leave a link. Curious.

    Anyways, you're very special to me and I love you. This isn't that big of a deal coming from me, I love loads of people. And it's not from out of the blue. I was prompted to say it.

    YAAAAAAA-oooooooo-yay, lucky you, having a secret admirer.

  • the car was too small for you? awww...my mum's always complaining that her "car" is too big for her. She even has a semi-circle-shaped pillow to sit on so she can see over the steering wheel. That's why I sit in the passenger seat and tell her if she can go without crashing into anything.

    Once, I let her scrape against a taxi. At school.

    The driver got the police out and shit. He wanted us to pay for a scratch, but the thing was, the scratch and our bumper didn't line up so he was a lying little scumbag. The policeman was muchly annoyed and let us take out insurance on any one thing scratched up. We declined 'cause once we file for one thingy we lose in the insurance contract or some shit like that. Ah well.

    Was all my fault. I told her she'd make it. I didn't even look.

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