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Ahh the delights of celebrating

To start off I have to say that I can no longer state the amounts of alcohol I have drunk because my sister now has found my blogs and thus could tell my mum and then she would tell further relatives and it all gets very annoying. So, vague descriptions from now on.

Last night was great, I had enough drink so that I didnt know what I was really doing but not so much that I was sick or couldnt remember what happened. The night became more fruitful after leaving the pub, me, the pacifist who has never been in a fight ever, nearly started a fight with some chavs... come on, all i said was that it was passed the bedtime for chavs or sommat on those lines. It didn't escalate into any more than a few meaningless threats and then we moved on. Was hilarious, then my mate thought that he had stood on a nail and it went straight through his foot even though everyone saw that he had just kicked a piece of wood or something, alcohol makes light of so many situations.

Also when drunk you can really see the advantages of big brother, when i got in, closing on 1am i decided to watch some live big brother and for no apparent reason it was excellent, the alcohol is the only explanation.

Until the next time farewell


  • ant D ur GAWJUS an ma m8 fancies u :P


  • How can I top a comment like that?

  • You can't!

    You sound like someone who's just found like a life-lengthening drug when you describe alcohol. Are you still in your honeymoon stage? It's well sweet haha.

    Big up on shouting at chavs, I'd never have the courage to do that lol.

    Big Brother rocks sometimes!

  • 2 top rosie gs comment...

    ant D ur gorgeous and i fancy u!

  • Sweet Jesus! I'm being impersonated! That wasn't me!

    It's like that advert with Alistair McGowan all over again, except with slightly less international fraud and slightly more declarations of gay love!

    I'll kill you when I find you, fake me!

  • I was concerned when you declared your love for me... but then i thought hey john is john

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