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The Amazing Story Trilogy

I can't believe that in the few months i've been doing these blogs that I have not mentioned my illustrious career in making utterly pointless mini films/cartoons using the great Windows Movie Maker.

Such titles as:
The Tour 2
Oad to the Bakery (a terrible spelling mistake that will haunt me for the rest of my life)

I mention this now because I have completed the Amazing Story Trilogy. 3 Cartoons each with their own individual stories but based around a few main points, they all contain me and a few of me mates, the visiting of a pub and at least some members of girls aloud. The lovely Laura has seen episode 1 and from her reaction i dont believe was too excited by it but that doesnt put me off because a) most of my mates loved them without question and b) she hasnt seen episodes 2 or 3 which were even more highly acclaimed then the first. Special requests must be made for my cartoons to be sent to anyone and if I have to send them by Email there quality becomes much less emphatic but i am willing to send if anyone wants them enough.

The titles are:
The Amazing Story of the Three Amigos
The Amazing Story 2: A Night and a Half
The Amazing Story 3: The Tournament

Other news today, got sent an email from HMV telling me of a Carl Barat (ex-libertine) release, to my immense displeasure it was not tracks by Carl Barat but a selection of songs that he had selected - generally a good list of tunes though accept i read to the end of the listings and lo and behold it was a 'song' bu the Streets, really...


  • Your video is rather funny. It was just the length it took to download. I like the Girls Aloud bit though, thought that was rather cool, you had to get the girl didn't you lol !!

    Yeah I heard of that Carl thing, the tunes didn't look too bad but to be fair and the tunes even mixed?!

  • HI I'm Rosie's 'friend that thinks your gawjus' I promise you that I had nothing to do with that comment! Sorry just clearing my name....Nehu...accept thing online cos Rosie went on my account and added u 4 sum strange reason....then again she's a strange child...but nehu i dnt even no wot u luk lyk so i dnt no if ur gawjus or not lol...catcha lata x

  • Loved every minute of each movie. I see big things for you, Ant D, in the movie business and you can trust me, I'm a Jedi ;)

    Take it from me, the Force is strong with this one.

    .: Darryl :.

  • Darryl's on here? You really are a shameless self-publicist, Ant!

    Oh god, I bet the films are terrible! You should have seen my carry-a-borrowed-without-permission-
    -videocam-while-skating footage! It looked really brilliant looking through the viewfinder while standing on a plank of wood on a hill, but it's when you put it on computer that you realise what a ridiculous prat you really look like!

  • well? where are these said videos?
    Set up a link somewhere! :-D

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