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My First Thanksgiving

Well I was gonna do a blog for Matt's birthday but I never got round to it, but just to let you know it was nothing too unusual for a birthday round our parts. Went to spoons, the birthday boy got violently sick and the soberist ones (of which i was unusually one) had to help everyone else get home. Lovely.


So yes, onto my first ever thanksgiving. First I would like to point out that it is not that we just randomly decided to celebrate, it was in honour of our 2 American flatmates. it started as any other Thursday would, IR seminar, mondo's hour then Politics seminar, all very normal but soon after that came the start of the rest of the day. At 3 we went out to the field to play a game of American football which is apparently is a tradition and thus a part of our day.

 <i got bored of writing, i'll finish at some point>

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