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The In Joke!

Today saw my debut on essex student radio station Red AM which can be listened to:

www.myspace.com/redam1404 or


 I would be lying if I said that it was my full radio debut, that happened in my cub scout days when I starred on the infamous Thames radio.. I believe all I said was hello I am Anthony and I am the sixer of blue six, but nevertheless it is the start of my rise to fame.


So anyway as I was saying, today I guessed starred on 'The In Joke' a radio show hosted by my good friends Alex Hammond and Michael Crispin between the hours of 12 and 2 on sunday afternoons, do tune in. I went to the studio very excited and not at all nervous despite the number of rules I had been told that I couldnt break on punishment of death. The show started and we were off to a bad start a technical hitch after the end of the first song but it only improved. The main areas that I feel essential to point out are firstly, my choice of 5 songs that I was made to do and explain.. this was my own segment of the show and I picked some classic tunes for the occasion:

The Libertines - Dont look Back into the sun

The Holloways - Generator

Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life


Kid Harpoon - The Milkmaid

This was not my only participation though as I frequently interupted the hosts talking with pointless talking, but the funniest bits of the show were deffinately the slip ups which were usually on Mikes part. The first one he decided to say lets have a bash down the microphone just before starting the bright eyes song and then later he told us to gag him up and throw him in the corner.. now to you clean minded people out there these may seem like perfectly harmless terms but we were cracking up with laughter. I also did manage to question if my sister was actually my sister.. ah the things you say on radio.


And that was it for my guest appearance, I am now thinking of getting my own radio show because it was honestly one of the most fun things I have done since getting to University and it didnt involve alcohol - and now for something a lot less fun.. essay writing so bye readers




  • wahoooo radioooooooooooooooo

    i heart school radios :]

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