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What a Hilarious Misunderstanding

Ahhhh! the relief of having finished all of my essays for the term, there is really nothing much like it. I didn't realise quite how much the essays were bringing me down, but when I was finished it was like a huge weight had been lifted from me, I now have a licsense to party all the time. I was doing it anyway but now it almost feels like I deserve it. How is this story going to lead to a hilarious misunderstanding though you are thinking, I shall now explain.


As per usual, I was leaving all my work to the last minute and so it was the day before the due date for the essay and by around 9pm, eleven hours before it was due I was about ready to start.. reading the questions me and Ben realise that we actually needed a program that was only available on campus. Off we trot to the university with a blank CD hoping to get the program and then return home and we thought we had done that but no, when we got back we realised the CD didn't work. Grr.

So we decided that why not write the essays in the labs, we needed the program and it was a nice working environment. Off we trot again down to campus again, with our bags, some books and paper and we were ready for busines. We sat down and started to write. Here comes the first misunderstanding. After a few hundred words, a couple of diagrams and some time later we realised that ACTUALLY due to the nature of the question in hand we in fact did not need the program at all. We had spent 2 hours going back and forth in freezing weather all for a program that we didn't even need. Not letting it phase us we carried on working in the computer lab before we decided to go back home to finish the rest of the essay. Besides we both had a half eaten curry waiting for us there.

We went back ate some curry and then proceeded to write our essays. Bearing in mind we got home from uni at about 3 in the morning, five hours before deadline we had to write like the wind. (I do realise that the wind doesn't write but it still sounds like a good phrase). Ben finished his essay at about 6am and submitted his essay online as we have to do.. but wait, what does he see when he does it? Hilarious misunderstanding number two. We had actually got the due date wrong. The essay was not actually due until the day after... we had spent all night worrying about an essay that didn't have to be in for another day. What were the chances. I still carried on writing though and finished my essay at around 7:15 am, went to bed and then woke up at about half 3 in the afternoon and even re-read and edited the essay just because i could.


So unintentionally, I did an essay early and thus have almost solved my problem of leaving everything until the last minute. Well this is obviously untrue, luckily the due date was one day later and not one day before I still wouldn't have known. So ultimately i actually learned nothing.

Nevertheless I went out in the evening and got hideously drunk to celebrate the fact and here I now am, a little hungover and writing a blog.

and that is where I shall leave it for today.



  • ha, that's happened to me before as well

    sucks butt ;P

    write like the wind... ride like the wind :]

  • veeerrrrrrrrr' lucky. it couldve turned out the other way around...

  • i forgot to mention this before
    but it was strange reading about your uni essays and living situations
    since it doens't feel like that long ago that you were talking about going ot pubs with friends and some of them not being able to get in and things of the sort

    we've been at this for a while no?
    wow :]

  • how much has this changed?:
    "Anthony Draper, 17, 6ft2ish
    fav band: the Libertines - fav song: Dont look back into the sun
    fav film: speed
    fav football team: Arsenal
    fav local football team: Sutton United
    I eat, I sleep, I play

    Ant D's first Blog over and out"

  • Anthonaay!

    woot woot.

    dont bother with my blog its terribly neglected and emo.

    I almost failed french because I didnt write any essays over the term. Write your essays!

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