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The ReUNIon

As i pointed out in the last blog, I am back down London way for the Christmas holidays and so naturally, there had to be a reunion drink in the Wimbledon weatherspoons.


So being skint and all I decided that the best idea would be to start drinking at home so that I wouldn't spend as much money when I was out, the typical thoughts of a university student. So I polished off the bad whiskey that I had brought back from uni with me and had a little drop of the parents vodka before heading towards Wimbledon at around half seven. I met Mary at the statues and then we made our way to Weatherspoons and were just about to get in the first drinks when we got a text. A few of the guys were in O'Neils.. I mean really. Don't get me wrong, O'Neils is a great pub and has provided a good end to a night on more than one occasion but for the start of a night, no, there were no seats and it is more expensive which is just something I can't deal with. But we went over had a drink there before convincing the majority of people to leave and come back to Spoons.

So we proceeded to drink and reminisce about old times and new and of course a few little jabs at various people, I appeared to be taking most of it but I didn't mind I was already quite drunk. Despite my not wanting to spend much I managed to spend all of my £20 and I even think I probably scrounged some drinks off some other people but I did have some strange ones. I joined Dave in drinking lager and lime which is quite afemminate but they do taste quite nice its true. I also had my first ever shot of Jagermeister and i don't think I will be having another, it was disgusting. Needless to say by this point I was very drunk and thus I don't really remember very well what happened for the most part in Spoons, especially the saying goodbye to people. I can only assume I did it as I am such a well-mannered individual but if I didn't I apologise.

My next memory is standing by the cash point with John, Dan and Dom who proceeded to give me money so that I could order some gig tickets for them and myself. I don't remember discussing the said gig previously in the pub but I will just have to assume we did. So there I found myself with £90. I'm not entirely sure who thought it was a good plan to give the drunkest person all the money but I had it nevertheless - then theres another bit of a blank and it was just me and Dom and we were in south Wimbledon and we decided to go into some place and buy some pizza. You know, as you do when drunk.. obviously I used some of this money that wasn't actually mine and we ate and sat down at the bus stop.


This is where it gets quite amusing.. two drunks came over to us and tried to blag some pizza, I was not having any of this and so I hugged the box and told them it was all mine, but the woman kept asking so I had to keep saying no, I even resorted to calling myself an unsharing wanker before she got the point. Then as you do when you are drunk you talk to the other drunks and the woman said to dom "what are you then? a muslim? a hindu?" to which we were both a bit shocked but he answered politely saying he was a catholic and we used that awkwardness to get away and we moved down to the next bus stop to finish our pizza, but then we heard then coming so we hid around the back behind a bush. The drunk woman and man went passed and I clearly heard her say something racist about 'the black man' and so after letting them walk on a little and politely asking Dom if he minded, I went out and shouted at the top of my voice "YOU FUCKING RACIST SLAG" to which i heard a reply of OI, so we ran and hid and then walked the back paths round to make sure they didn't find us and beat us up. Of course we were now in tears of laughter as tends to happen when something is funny and your drunk. We walked down to Colliers Wood high street and Dom went to get a taxi, and went on to tell all the people there about the story, they seemed a little non-fussed, but we were still giggling like school girls. We said goodbye and then he went.

On the short walk I still had to do on my own I decided to write little happy messages in the frost covering the cars, I must have done about ten or so before I realised that I was only doing it because I was very drunk and so I stopped and walked home, still giggling to myself. I then made a sandwich and passed out on my bed and now here I am still hung over but I had fun so it's all ok. But my money problem probably won't be changing all that soon as I just phoned REED employment and they say there are no temp jobs going, which is a bit of a bummer, ah well here hoping I get some Christmas money. Au Revoir



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