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C'est Moi - Page 3

  • Thats it, end of school

    So here I am 18 years of age and I have finished school, before friday night it hadnt really crossed my mind that it is actually quite a big change in my life really. People who I have got used to seeing every day, things that I have done, places I wont go. Yes maybe it is a bit premature for this sort of blog considering I still have my exams to go and I will see people and go into school etc, but it feels right that I do it now as my schooling has officilally finished.


    So my final day of school started with a nice late start at around 11:15ish where I had a nice sit down with some tea and biscuits and of course a nice little chat amongst friends.

    Then around midday we had our final assembly where we were greeted with the expected "you have been a great year speach" from the teachers and we were each handed a certificate stating what we had done as a sixth form students including great tasks such as setting up a bank account and in one case having a pen pal in Finland which came as a nice surprise for Dave. Luckily in this pack I also recieved a certificate about to say how I had completed my mentoring course and also a nice little badge with the Wimbledon College crest on (Unfortunately I left all of this in Mikes car and so probably wont see them again). Then to the important bit of the assembly, the prize giving and of course there was only one award I was anticipating with any great awe and that was of course the contribution to hair award which although I was nominated for didnt win which was a shame.

     Then back to the sixth form area for a lunch of pasta and garlic bread which was tasteless at best but its the thought that counts and all that. After lunch people handed round their yearbooks to get signed, me being the cheapo that I am not usually didnt buy a yearbook so instead made people sign the back of a Krispy Kreme Doughnut reciept. (which it wont let me put up but you can see if you click on the word) It is beautiful, shows how all of my friends love me in a very homsexual way, made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    After lunch came the goodbye mass and then into the hall where they had a selection of goodies including doughnuts, chocolate fingers and jam tarts to name but a few. After nearly making myself sick trying to get eat as much food as I possibly could, you just have to in those situations, we went outside to the balcony and had photos done as a group. medium_lads.jpgNot particularly clear BUT from left to right: Matt Tate, Matt Bond, Little Dave (standing on a ledge) Matt Steel, Mike, Dave Mc, Leander, MEEEEE, Tom, Austin

    And that was it for school, FOR EVER, never again will I mix with all those people in the same way ~sighs~


    A few of us did go to the local pub after for a little drinky which was a nice way to end it all, putting Cliff Richards Millenium Prayer on the juke box was a bit special, yet greeted with a surprisingly small reaction by everyone else in the pub. Of course we were there laughing our heads off. And then we left, went home, end of, fini, etc etc.


    I was tempted to break into a blog about memories of school life from what I remember of my nursery days up until now, 15 or so years of education which is now over. But i dont feel that anyone really needs to know but if there are any requests for it I would grant them cos that is just the kind of guy I am.

    See you all later and to all those leaving school about now Good Luck in your Lives XXX

  • 18 - past, present, future

    I couldn't be arsed to write any blog following my 18th Birthday as I felt it was uneeded, On my actual birthday I went to the pub to watch the Arsenal game, of course we bloody lost again so that was annoying. Then I had my family party on the weekend where I didnt get particularly drunk because I was having more fun watching my various relatives and friends of family getting drunk. Both my mum and cousin did double shots of Absinth which was pretty funny and impressive. Somehow it seemed to effect my mum very little whereas my cousin just became absoulutely hilarious if a little incomprehensible. Telling me of his stories in a Dutch strip club was quite amusing. At about midnight we all sat in the living room singing Beatles songs and such like true hippies it was a good night.


    Second point that needs to be made, It has been over a year now since I have started my blog - is that committed or just plain sad? I dunno. I know that in the more recent months my blogging has been mucher fewer and further between which is a dissapointment for all but the things that I wrote about before barely seem exciting enough to blog about any more. I will carry on going though, every once in a while writing a new blog, I am not like the quitters who after a year change to making monthly pod casts or quit completely, I carry on.



  • Family Matters

    We all have to put up with them once in a while, but is there anything more embarrasing then a family get-together..?


    It was a belated celebration of my dads birthday, and all my mums siblings therefore came.. dont ask its just always the way, my mums family are a lot more friendly. Anyway, we all went to a restaurant pleasantly named 'Rehab' its a nice place, the owner is quite familiar with my parents due to reasons beyond anyones level of caring. I had a ham and egg pizza which was pretty decent and I even took sips from other peoples cocktails (I didnt have any alcoholic drinks of my own as I got a little plastered on friday) but I did get to sip at my uncles 'Long Island Ice Tea' which i believe consists of roughly - Tequilla, rum, vodka, some other alcohol that i cant remember, lime and coke and golly it was tasty. But as I said I didnt drink much alcohol but my parents and my uncles and aunties did...


    Oh why me? I thought when my dad who not actually being a catholic himself was preaching about how he thinks the church should be run, to my deeply religous, catholic aunt who accounts everything to being Gods doing. We had my uncle complaining about noise at a bar/restaurant of course theres noise and we had my mum and uncle singing down the end of the table. Even my little sister had a Pina Colada and was all giggly after it, I was just plain embarrased by the whole dastardly affair. Admitedly if I had joined in with the drinking im sure it would have been a lot less embarrasing as i wouldnt have noticed as much but i didnt fancy 2 nights in a row.


    Im sure everyone reading this knows exactly the embarrasment but i thought Id throw this blog in anyway - Friday I did get very pissed and did text someone saying something... END