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C'est Moi - Page 5

  • What's not to talk about?

    1st of all, apologies to DJ that there can be no link because of the immense size of the cartoons meaning i cant fit them onto a free internet web page without reducing the quality so much so that you can't see what is going on.

    Next onto my job hunting. On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, me and my good chum Matt Tate went out ajob-hunting. Me being an optimistic fool thought that this would be easy, Tate having older, summer job seeking brothers and sisters, took a more realistic aproach. Over the two days i think i was rejected more than in any other period in my life with the general response of no we're not looking to employ anyone at the moment (So fuck off, clearly imprinted in their minds). There were though a few places which gave slightly more positive responses - Sainsbury's of Wimbledon saying that they will almost certainly be looking to employing people over the summer and taking in a CV, WHSmith taking a CV and saying maybe, The Odeon, Wimbledon and Virgin in Sutton both asked for application forms to be filled in, Top Man also in sutton took in a CV, Debenhams gave us an email address and Uni Qlo said come back at the end of the month. So, not all doom and gloom.

    Because of the lack of a Babyshambles CD being released yet, despite everyones obvious desire for this to happen, I have taken it upon myself to make my own using the various songs of theirs I have on this computer of mine and it was worth it, my life is now all the better but I still want an official one to come out. The track listings on my CD are as follows:
    1. Babyshambles
    2. Do You Know Me
    3. Gang of Gin
    4. Fuck Forever
    5. Killamangiro
    6. Stix and Stones
    7. Albion
    8. Arcady
    9. Lust of the Libertines
    10. My Darling Clementine
    11. The Man Who Came to Stay
    12. At the Flophouse
    13. In Love with a Feeling
    14. He Will Fall
    15. The Whole World is our Playground
    16. Wolfman

    New Premiership football fixtures are out today Arsenal are at home to Newcastle on the first day, one of the most important days of my season that fixture as it signals the north/south divide in my family, me as part of the southern branch I support Arsenal and the northern branch all support Newcastle, so whatever the result banter will be passed.

    Finally, it just has to be said that Maria Sharapova is amazing in every single way, not only is she very nice looking she is pretty damn good at tennis and is only 18. What a woman

  • Ecole est fini et monsieur Pete

    for those lacking knowledge of the french language, School is finished and Mr Pete

    School roughly over for another year just a few exams and some review day thingies left and what a rubbish year its been. Dropping out of my maths class half way and so being looked upon as a failure by several teachers, various other failings and probably some other shit.

    Not all bad though, the discovering of the Wimbledon Village Bakery, expensive but worth every penny, that place sells baked paradise.

    Anyway its over so enough of that.... Moving on to more important matters - Stalking Pete Doherty, i hope everyone watched this programme with intent

    Even though it wasnt particularly about Petey, it was more about the interviewer it was still a worthwhile watch, by the end i was wanting to hit that Max Carlish (documentary maker) myself, what a total prat he is.

  • The Family Gene

    I recently found out that my laziness at school despite my superb intellegence is not my fault it is a family disorder. All this time ive been thinking, why am I so damn lazy, both my parents are hardworking citizens of great britain.

    To my astonishment I have recently found out that my dad was exactly the same. He like me was a complete genius and went to Oxford but got kicked out after 1year for not doing his work and got a degree somewhere else

    I hear you all asking, 17 years old and you didnt know this, thats what I thought at first but then its not the thing you would go bragging about.