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C'est Moi - Page 4

  • Monday night?

    Well things that I may want to talk about but cant because you clever readers of blogspirit may put two and two together and make a pretty solid 4 - Im not making that very discrete, so Im guessing some of you lovely, lovely people will work it out.


    ANYWAY, that aside I will tell you about last nights excursion into Wimbledon - yes i went out on a Monday night, previously unheard of. Me and a couple of mates went out to the Aussie bar in Wimbledon named the Walkabout. It was a decent enough place and served a strange concoction of lager, cider and i believe cranberry juice which they called the snakebite. For me it tasted a little too much like cherryade. I stuck to the lager it is so simple yet so good. I did venture towards shots at the end of the evening but you know how it is.

    That little bit of information does ignore the fact that when I was happily drinking away in the pub the bunch of girlies that had come were not allowed in - it seems to be a curse of mine at the moment, that people i go with cant get into places. But o well at least I was happy


    Yeh anyway because we did end up feeling bad, we left the pub and walked around with the girls for a bit, but one of my mates had had a touch too much to drink and so decided to play matchmaker, due to he being with his girlfriend he thought it his duty i suppose. Anyway he was just embarrasing himself really because everyone was laughing at him... The girl he was trying to set me up with was a nice girl but to be honest my head was never gonna be thinking about her anyway. Hmm what do I mean by that I hear you ponder, well if you don't know by now then the chances are your not going to so dont worry about it.


    Yeh so we walked around a bit, but were bored quite quickly and then went home - it was a bit of a washout in the end really, I was home before midnight and so I think concludes why we dont go out on a Monday

    THE END - well apart from the drunken texting but we can forget about that...





  • Life, woa life, wooooooooa lifeee

    Well lets start this rather pesimistic (but with a small ray of hope) blog with a rather disturbing occurance. Due again to my bastard mates being lazy fucking arseholes who cant be bothered to leave their dull little houses to come to a night of amazing music, I may have encountered a small problem :(. Although hopefully have my own tickets sorted out and 1 mate - there were 3 of my mates, mates who wanted to come. But because of MY other mates delaying tactics, the tickets can no longer be delivered and instead have to be picked up at the KOKO box office. Now that wouldnt necessarily be a problem accept i have to show the card i ordered with when accepting them, and that clearly will show them that I am in fact 17 and thus not allowed into the event. But as I said, hopefully I should be ok due to Cait having extra tickets - so to be brutally honest if they cant get in tough.


    But this Blog is not to be about the Yeti performance at KOKO, no no. This is about my life and how the general downward slope of happiness since the peak which I believe occured around the age of 9/10. In school year 4 I was indeed happy most of the time, shyness only effecting conversations with adults and school work easy as pie, twas a brilliant time.

     I was thinking about drawing a graph to illustrate but i thought fuck that, I cant be arsed, so I just ask you to imagine - age 9/10 I am happy as larry but in the years since I have slowly become unhappy until my 17th year. When 16 everything was appearing to be falling to pieces, my shyness being very annoying plus my schoolwork also taking major falls, it felt like everything was just getting worse and worse. BUT - heres where the hope kicks in, since my 17th birthday I have been on the up in terms of my happiness, quite possibly due to the large increase of alcohol in my diet but still, so far, since ive turned 17 Ive been pretty damn fine. Now the hope turns back into severe pesimism, I fear that this unfortunately could just be a 6 month blip in the overall life cycle, this fear is mainly due to the fact that in approximately 2 weeks the results of my AS levels come out, which I am not particularly looking forward to. And my 6th forms tough re-entry process may mean that I could be dropped off my Physics course (that exam was apauling) leaving me studying only 2 full A levels and where would that get me? ahh well. You win some, you lose some.


    This Blog was inspired not only by the inpending AS results but the hope bit is more due to a family gathering that I had yesterday - I have this really rich uncle who has a HUGE house in sevenoaks, with a pool an acre of land - 7 sofas (on the ground floor), u get the picture. Anyway, they bore cousins, Lucy who is about 5 months younger than me and Jamie who is 2 weeks older than my sister. Basically we were all great friends when we was little - probably till the age of about 9/10 when they were over we couldnt be seperated, but as time went by, we grew apart and over the last few years whenever in their presence barely mutter a word to them. But yesterday seemed to be the breaking of the ice between cousins, we started chatting more freely again, me and Lucy even joined forces to take the piss out of my sister. Was a good feeling.


    Anyway thats it for now - Not long till KOKO and the hopeful success it should be

  • Lazin' on a sunny afternoon

    Well no actually it hasnt been particularly sunny but the other bit is spot on, since the yeti gig a whole week ago now I have been very lathargic (good word). Ive spent most days waking up in the early hours of the afternoon then playing a bit on the computer, chatting to various people on msn sometimes for 8hours straight....


    Ive really got to start doing something with my holiday so that I dont just wear it away like i have done for the last few years, I doubt I will be going on any form of a holiday this year due to the stubborness of both my parents wanting what they want and not willing to compromise and I refuse to be used as an arguing tool so next time I am confronted in this manner I will make it clear that Im not gonna go anywhere with people acting like that, it will be the great holiday boycott of 2005.


    ok so over the next few days I am gonna make a more concerted effort to do something with my dreary days, so guys i know you all read this now, what shall we do.. a game of footy in the park.. a film.. or a good old fashioned booze up, im guessin it'll be the third but at least its gettin out of the house.


    thats it BYE - and everyone buy the yeti single - keep pushing on

    out August 29th

    and for that matter fuck forever shud be comin out August 8th, get that too