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  • Starbucks?

    No this is not going to be a copy of the latest PNB blog, it in fact has very little to do with starbucks at all, It is generally about my holidaying in Amsterdam and the Isle of Wight, the significance of the title will be made clear soon enough.

    I have just spent a week and a day on two 'holidays', part A, to amsterdam for 4 days and then the isle of wight for 3 days with half a day of rest in between. Amsterdam was a fully fledged holiday but the isle of wight was more of a granny visiting time, the isle of wight cant really be called a holiday for me any more since ive been a few thouand times.. But in both places i noticed a lack of Starbucks (or other brand name coffee shops) at either destination. Amsterdam understandably as the term coffee shop has quite a different meaning over there, but in the isle of wight.. old people love coffee dont they? i suppose they can just have it at home though rather than on the way to work as they are all retired.


    Those who dont know the implications of a coffee shop in Amsterdam, it is there that all the cannabis gets smoked although it is allowed in some pubs aswell. Anyway I stayed out of the coffee shops as I was far too busy to stand around getting high with all the various attractions of Amsterdam to see, such as van gogh museum, vondell park, heinekken experience and the Amsterdam ArenA just to name but a few. I have managed to smuggle some space cake back to England though so that I can indulge when the right moment comes.


    In the Isle of Wight I did very little, although I did get plenty of VIP treatment due to my granny's amazing fame, she is the most famous artist on the isle of wight... OH YEAH!


    So, Contrary to popular beliefs, Starbucks is not the most common shop in the world ever, but McDonalds is, i saw a few in both holland and the wight isle.

  • AS results and the celebrations that followed...

    Yes, the dreaded results day had come once more, yesterday was the day that I would found out whether or not i had failed miserably in my AS levels. But in fact it wasnt such a gloomy outcome after all, Physics as you may remember from a previous blog was the one which I was worrying about the most, I knew that I had messed up on all of the papers and I mean that I knew because Im pretty sure writing I hate physics is never going to be the right answer.. but I got a 'D' which means I will be able to carry it on next year (where I promise myself I will actually work rather than just copy my mates all year)

    My other subjects were never the worry, the 'A' in politics is always nice though, the 'C' in history wasnt particularly favourable but it can quite easily be moved up to a 'B' as it was only 1 out of the 3 papers that i messed up on. Due to the weird circumstances of having theology thrust upon me, it meant that it wont be untill January that I finish the AS course but in the 2 out of 3 parts done so far im heading towards a 'B' in that aswell, so overall it was alright.


    So now onto the important stuff, Celebrating

    Ah it was a fucking (excuse my language) awesome night after a dodgy start, Everywhere was checking for IDs, im guessing they were under strict instruction due to it being AS and A level results days so at first it was slow but by mid-afternoon we were getting into the swing of things a bit more.. yes i did say that mid-afternoon, lets just say I never planned to be coming home sobre.


    It started as every normal night out did with a good old fashioned pint of larger, then a few more, then finishing off peoples drinks when they were off somewhere and again if you look back at previous blogs you can probably see where this is headed.

    But before we get to that stage let me stop for a while and talk about the general goings on. Our party consisted of at first 6 guys and 2 girls, another girl came along later though so it was one between two, sharing one between three was a bit much.. Anyway at one point during the early evening a bunch of 30+ yr old men started staring up the girls which was a tad perverse. But the girls were loving it and managed to get drinks out of it aswell. One of the guys, as it turned out was the liverpool player John Arne Risse's bodyguard.. now i know your probably thinking God your gullable which would have been a very good point had it not been for the overwhelming supply of evidence, he was a bloody huge scouser who spoke Norweigan and had a video of himself and mr Risse in a car together on his phone.

    Back to the drinking, And what a night of drinking it was I got quite drunk if im brutally honest and thus cant remember the exact amounts consumed but I do remember activities involving me and mascara, oh dear i really was quite drunk and the girls were shocking, due to them being cheap resorted to being friendly and making the guys by them drinks, damn feminine charms.


    Thats pretty much what happened as I remember it before very kindly being taken home by my mates parents who live in a completely different direction

    Farewell readers as I am going to Holland and the isle of wight over the course of the next week and a bit so no blogs 'till im home, tarrah

  • Bargain Hunt

    No not that Tv show that used to be presented by that orange man but infact another day out with the lads on a manly shopping spree.

    This time we decided to venture a little further than the highstreet in wimbledon, we were bored of the limited options, so we took a bold step into the unknown and took a bus to Kingston. Those who know the area will understand that my build up there largely led to an anti-climax as kingston is only about 20mins from wimbledon anyway.


    So onto the shopping and the day started off very slowly, looking in a few shops and not being impressed, and some shops in Kingston just spell rotten, I don't know why, but im sure it does have something to do with the growing population of chavs taking over. It wasnt all bad to start with though we did see a couple of street performers a black dude playing a guitar, but unfortunately he was taking too long to start up so we left him but we did manage to  hear a full song from the awesome, Christian, all girl rock group known as the Sunflowerz, they were amazing despite the lack of talent and the fact that they were infact just corny american preacher types.


    The Bentals centre was the first stop of any real progress - the Bentals centre is like many other big centre types, Centre court, Wimbledon - Whitgift centre, Croydon and of course the Metro centre, Newcastle (obviously the best shop ever as it contains a theme park) Anyway we started with a nice trip into WH Smiths where I bought a fantastic bargain 'the best of T-Rex' for just £2.99, i was very happy with that - but my amazing bargain hunting was overshaddowed by the sheer stupidity/slight homsexual tendencies of Dave - stupidity for buying the amazing COOL RUNNINGS which is on every christmas and homosexuality for buying when harry met sally. Dave will from now on be referred to as Cool Running because of this purchase.

    The next stop of any significance was HMV, yes I know its a horrible place but they had some good deals going on, after debating on whether or not to buy the new Proclaimers release i decided that instead I would buy the best of the boomtown rats £8.99 and snap by the Jam £3.99. Also on the way out i spotted the film aptly named ' Dont be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood' It is a film containing the Wayans brothers that i had previously seen once on channel 4 at about 2am and had made me laugh an awful lot, so when i saw it for a mere £6.99 i knew i had to have it. It is basically a micky take of life in 'the hood' very funny and i would recommend to anyone.

    When walking past the Odeon we were offered free tickets to a screening of a new film called Idiocracy on Monday night, matt will be in Ireland but me and Cool Runnings were given a pair of tickets each but are still deciding on whether or not to go, its a free film but its in Kingston

    Pizza express was the next stop, and it was a generally nice meal between matt being winked at tongue stuck out at by the waitress in quite a seductive way, cool runnings presumably being raped in the toilets he was in there so long and me nearly chucking everything on the floor when trying to give my plate to the waiter.

    After the meal we moved back out into the highstreet, next stop Primark - now this is what i call a bargain hunters paradise, it was so bloody cheap and it wasnt bad quality either, I bought a pretty snazzy top for £6. Matt clearly copied me getting the same top, yes technically he found it first and bought it first so some might say i copied him, but i know the truth I mean he nearly bought a top that looked like a chess board with honour and respect written on it, I mean who you gonna believe me, genius or him mental patient.


    Ok so that was very nearly it, none of us really had any money left so we were walking towards the bus stop to go home , but wait, we decide to go down a street and into a shop called Collections and it was amazing, quite possibly the best shop ever seen, not only did it sell band t-shirts but also those weird german jackets, which cool runnings bought but also a t-shirt which i liked which had lots of pictures of fish on and said weird fish, cheapish decent jeans and the piece de resistence (please correct if that spelt horribly wrong) A PITTSBURGH PENGUINS ICE HOCKEY SHIRT, it was so amazing but I couldnt afford it right then and there, so I have promised myself that I will go back shortly and get it, It was so weird, Ive wanted one for ages but they dont sell them in England and the oddest thing, that was the only ice hockey shirt in the shop and it was my favourite team. All my dreams had come true in that instant. Well thats not technically true but close enough..


    Unfortunately that was the end of the day and so we got back onto the bus and went home - but I will finish this spending spree blog as i did the last with a recap of purchases made:

    ME: cds by the Jam, the Boomtown Rats and T-Rex, a DVD and a very cheap t-shirt

    Cool Runnings: 2 DVDs and a german jacket

    Matt (signs the blog as Tasty): T-shirt and a PS2 game

    So that was it goodbye my lovely readers, until the next time


    PS. just to point out that I forgot to mention other CDs that I bought on Monday -

    Editors - The back room,

    Jeff Buckley - Grace

    and Kings of Leon - Youth and Young manhood