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  • I havn't written one for a while, so although i have absoloutly nothing worth writing i'll do one anyway

    Well as the title suggests this blog will have very little to do with anything and may just involve the first tings that pop into my head...


    OK 1st we have my amazing pittsburgh penguins ice hockey shirt, the one i referred to in the 'manly shopping spree' blog, I have finally bought it and yes it is as amazing as was thought.


    So thats that, 2nd the funniest joke i heard in a while, it was retrieved from my post on the Yeti forum so readers of that will already know it:

    A young woman visits the doctor for a breast examination. When he sees her he is surprised to see an 'O'-shaped mark on her chest.

    "Oh," she explains. "That's from my boyfriend's Oxford University jumper. He likes to wear it when we have sex and the crest rubs against my skin."

    A couple of weeks later, another girl is in for a breast examination. She whips her top off, and there is a 'C' in the middle of her chest.

    The doctor raises an eyebrow while the girl explains that her lover likes to wear his Cambridge University jumper during sex.

    Weeks later, a third girl comes in for an examination and she has a 'W' on her chest.

    "Ah!" cries the doctor. "Let me guess, you have a boyfriend at Warwick?"

    "No," smiles the girl. "I've got a girlfriend at Manchester."


    Purchases this week include the warchild album which contains various amazing artists namely babyshambles, razorlight and kaiser chiefs to name but a few, all previously unreleased songs - its great and much of the proceeds go to charity, all should buy this.


    I really have nothing else to do except maybe singing a few songs with names being replaced but you know what im not going to do it, although they are brilliant.

  • From the sublime to the rediculous

    Ahh today was a completely compelling yet utterly wasted day of my 17 year old life. As I would any other friday, I set off for school, pretty normal I hear you cry but no, this is not the case when we got to school there was a powercut and due to what I can only imagine are safety reasons, we were sent home again.

    So after a detour past the legendary Wimbledon Village Bakery, Wimbledon common and briefly centre court shopping centre, I made my way home. I was home by half past the eleventh hour and so decided.. why not a few hours on the computer, when 5 o'clock came i realised that maybe I had been on a little too long and so preperation for the evening commenced


    My 2 offers for this lovely evening were a pub quiz or goin 2 a mates house, with a bag of chips and a telly. Of course I thought I'll go for the pub quiz, it should be a laugh and I'd get a few pints down me. Oh God how i wish i had just settled for a bag of chips and the telly.. Realising not until I got there, what sort of lousy pub has a quiz on a Friday, thats when booze ups should be happening, oh of course a 'pub' to use the phrase lightly filled with people predomenantly over 75. After the several death threats I made to the organiser *cough David McCulloch dont let him organise anything again the stupid Scotish twat cough* we decided what the hell we'll just do the quiz and make the most of the evening. 1st hurdle, as we wernt members of this place we couldt order drinks, so we had to make some other people order them for us. The quiz as you may have guessed was aimed at a slightly more mature audience hence we came a good second last, beating only the team of girls who we went with, which was no contest really.

    Could the night get any worse? Yes, we were only allowed 2 drinks all night, bloody hell the least we could do at this place was have a little drink but no the girlies who had to order for us refused, suggesting that after 3 pints we might get a little rowdy... I can understand their concern at this since 1 of the girls after only 2 drinks did attempt to steal a childs bike from outside a house...

    So although a bit of a laugh it was a bit of a rubbish night, only 2 drinks and only 1 measly inuendo about David in front of everyone, it was the least i could do after his apauling organising..


    From now on Organisers cant be me or dave, we cant organise so someone else do it.



  • Family Matters

    We all have to put up with them once in a while, but is there anything more embarrasing then a family get-together..?


    It was a belated celebration of my dads birthday, and all my mums siblings therefore came.. dont ask its just always the way, my mums family are a lot more friendly. Anyway, we all went to a restaurant pleasantly named 'Rehab' its a nice place, the owner is quite familiar with my parents due to reasons beyond anyones level of caring. I had a ham and egg pizza which was pretty decent and I even took sips from other peoples cocktails (I didnt have any alcoholic drinks of my own as I got a little plastered on friday) but I did get to sip at my uncles 'Long Island Ice Tea' which i believe consists of roughly - Tequilla, rum, vodka, some other alcohol that i cant remember, lime and coke and golly it was tasty. But as I said I didnt drink much alcohol but my parents and my uncles and aunties did...


    Oh why me? I thought when my dad who not actually being a catholic himself was preaching about how he thinks the church should be run, to my deeply religous, catholic aunt who accounts everything to being Gods doing. We had my uncle complaining about noise at a bar/restaurant of course theres noise and we had my mum and uncle singing down the end of the table. Even my little sister had a Pina Colada and was all giggly after it, I was just plain embarrased by the whole dastardly affair. Admitedly if I had joined in with the drinking im sure it would have been a lot less embarrasing as i wouldnt have noticed as much but i didnt fancy 2 nights in a row.


    Im sure everyone reading this knows exactly the embarrasment but i thought Id throw this blog in anyway - Friday I did get very pissed and did text someone saying something... END