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  • 2 down 2 to go

    It was early one tueday morning and i went into school pretty much as ready as i could be for the up coming politics examination, it was getting on to 8:45 before i relised that none of my fellow classmates were there....
    I go outside to check that everything was as it should be but no, I managed to turn up 4 1/2 hours early for my exam! good start to my week.

    As far as the exam itself i wasnt too displeased, in fact i thought it went quite well, but then came History today, my knowledge was severely lacking and my capability to answer the question rather then just blab along aboot anything i knew even remotely related to the subject was below par. Well its over now and so i just have to sit back and hope i had a nice marker.

    During my 4 1/2 hour gap before my politics exam i walked down into the heart of wimbledon and bought me the new White Stripes album - get behind me satan. Can you believe it, a chart cd from HMV costs around 12.99 whereas (sorry to say it mr. PNB) i bought it from Safeway/Morrisons for the measley price of £9.77. Bargain

  • A week of hell is upon us

    Over the next week i will be sitting a total of 4 AS exams, my revision has been lacking and i know that my boyish charms can only get me so far at this stage of my school career, waffle, my secret weapon in every exam ive ever taken is stripped away from me as a back up plan.

    But Luckily it is only a week then it will be free from my mind until mid August when I will be either pissed off or reasonably satisfied with my results. And yes there is no way im gonna b happy with them, even if i was to get all A's (hahahahaha) i would then be annoyed that i had dropped maths and so possibly could have got even more.

    Thinking about it, I havent even started looking for a summer job or anything, grr, why does everything have to rush upon me so damn quickly....

    On a lighter note... No there is nothing, this is just gonna be a big bastard of a blog.

    Heres to getting pissed on friday night!