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  • Spending Spree

    Well who said it was only girls who went out on shopping sprees, it can happen to anyone once you get into the swing of things, one things leads to another and before you know it youve spent large amounts of money thatyou didnt particularly want to spend. Madness!

    My day started off quite slowly, others around me were being tempted by things left right and centre, but i stood my ground even though there were decent things there. My aim for the day was to buy one or two cds and leave it at that. And Johnny boy you wont like this next bit at all, as i said last week i bought the new white stripes album from safeway, this time it was worse, I bought 2 cds from..... Tesco. Coldplay's X&Y and Foo Fighters - In Your Honour.

    We walked around a few more shops not really even thinking of buying anything, but then came CD Warehouse... wow what an amazing place, once youve been there you will never need to go to HMV or Virgin again not only is it packed with the decent music that the big name stores have tucked away in a small corner round the back it is also very very cheap (in comparisson, £7-10 is still a lot for a round bit of plastic) In there i could have spent hundreds of pouns on loads of cds but i stuck to just the 3. Jimi Hendrix - greatest hits, The Doors - Greatest hits and The Cure - Boys dont cry.

    After finaly being dragged away from there kicking and screaming we had some lunch, the pizza hut buffet, they say all you can eat so why to people give me strange looks when i come back to my seat with a pile of pizza taller than my head and then still go up for seconds? its a bout principles...

    Oh but that still isnt it we went into a few more shops and i ended up buying a couple of nice polo shirts to match my indie hair style, and the cheek of one of the casheers accusing me of counterfitting money he said "thats a nice thick £20 note did you make it yourself" the rudeness of the guy, just because there was a great program about counterfitting on last night he thinks that i would be guilty of such a crime, im tempted, oh so tempted to complain.

    That was the end of my day apart from a mindless walk around woolworths never intending to buy anything because of my newly found skintism. Just to recap:
    Coldpay - X&Y
    Foo Fighters - In Your Honour
    The Doors - Greates hits
    Jimi Hendrix Greatest Hits
    The Cure - Boys dont cry
    A pizza hut buffet lunch and 2 t-shirts
    = a lot of money

    anyway thats it for now bye bye mes amis

  • Ahh the delights of celebrating

    To start off I have to say that I can no longer state the amounts of alcohol I have drunk because my sister now has found my blogs and thus could tell my mum and then she would tell further relatives and it all gets very annoying. So, vague descriptions from now on.

    Last night was great, I had enough drink so that I didnt know what I was really doing but not so much that I was sick or couldnt remember what happened. The night became more fruitful after leaving the pub, me, the pacifist who has never been in a fight ever, nearly started a fight with some chavs... come on, all i said was that it was passed the bedtime for chavs or sommat on those lines. It didn't escalate into any more than a few meaningless threats and then we moved on. Was hilarious, then my mate thought that he had stood on a nail and it went straight through his foot even though everyone saw that he had just kicked a piece of wood or something, alcohol makes light of so many situations.

    Also when drunk you can really see the advantages of big brother, when i got in, closing on 1am i decided to watch some live big brother and for no apparent reason it was excellent, the alcohol is the only explanation.

    Until the next time farewell

  • All Done now its time to party

    All 4 subjects have their exams completed, and i am not looking forward to opening that envelope come August but hey its over for now!

    There is nothing left now but to go out and celebrate the end of these horrific few days. Drowning my sorrows but not to over do it like last time. I want to go and see Sin City but no one else does, big group of losers, ahh well still gonna be good.

    Bought a Velvet Underground CD, im pretty sure it is my first aquisition that pre-dates the 1980s.

    This post just isn't long enough what is there that i can possibly do to drag it out some more and keep you my viewers enticed for several further minutes. medium_ant3.gif
    Heres a picture of me being surrounded by several women, a scene from my highly acclaimed video cartoon 'The Amazing Story of the 3 Amigos'