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  • Resits

    Yes it is my fault that I have to do these resits but I mean it is so dull. I hate revision so much, just spending hours reading over stuff that to be brutally honest you dont care about and then writing out stuff youve already written out before. Pointless.

    My laziness doesnt help with revision either, so far I have only just done the bare minimum to survive and just about got away with it. Take todays Russian history paper for example, there are about 6 topics that you need to cover just in case there is a question on them. The only subject that I actually revised thouroghly came up which was a bit of relief as when I read the part a) choice I was shitting myself because I know fuck all about the stability of Russia between 1906 and 1914 but luckily part b) was the problems faced by the provisional government. That was the best question that could have possibly come up, I dont think I could have written a more perfect question for me to answer.

    ANYWAY.. 3 of January's 6 papers down and I have a couple of days break before the next one, the dreaded Physics. I cant be arsed with Physics, it is such a boring subject.. ok it helps me understand about how parts of an engine work but it also teaches about little light bulbs and thermistors I mean when will I ever care about one of those. Oh well me and the choices I make, never seem to be the right ones.


    On a completely seperate note I have made a myspace account just for the hell of it, I actually did it when I was supposed to be revising if you must know, but it is great and feel free to add me if you have myspace, I will gladly embrace you into my myspace family: www.myspace.com/theamazinglifeofantd


    PS. My brother Gregory is 21 today.. hip hip hooray etc etc. just thought I should mention it as it is a bit of a landstone.


  • AS results and the celebrations that followed...

    Yes, the dreaded results day had come once more, yesterday was the day that I would found out whether or not i had failed miserably in my AS levels. But in fact it wasnt such a gloomy outcome after all, Physics as you may remember from a previous blog was the one which I was worrying about the most, I knew that I had messed up on all of the papers and I mean that I knew because Im pretty sure writing I hate physics is never going to be the right answer.. but I got a 'D' which means I will be able to carry it on next year (where I promise myself I will actually work rather than just copy my mates all year)

    My other subjects were never the worry, the 'A' in politics is always nice though, the 'C' in history wasnt particularly favourable but it can quite easily be moved up to a 'B' as it was only 1 out of the 3 papers that i messed up on. Due to the weird circumstances of having theology thrust upon me, it meant that it wont be untill January that I finish the AS course but in the 2 out of 3 parts done so far im heading towards a 'B' in that aswell, so overall it was alright.


    So now onto the important stuff, Celebrating

    Ah it was a fucking (excuse my language) awesome night after a dodgy start, Everywhere was checking for IDs, im guessing they were under strict instruction due to it being AS and A level results days so at first it was slow but by mid-afternoon we were getting into the swing of things a bit more.. yes i did say that mid-afternoon, lets just say I never planned to be coming home sobre.


    It started as every normal night out did with a good old fashioned pint of larger, then a few more, then finishing off peoples drinks when they were off somewhere and again if you look back at previous blogs you can probably see where this is headed.

    But before we get to that stage let me stop for a while and talk about the general goings on. Our party consisted of at first 6 guys and 2 girls, another girl came along later though so it was one between two, sharing one between three was a bit much.. Anyway at one point during the early evening a bunch of 30+ yr old men started staring up the girls which was a tad perverse. But the girls were loving it and managed to get drinks out of it aswell. One of the guys, as it turned out was the liverpool player John Arne Risse's bodyguard.. now i know your probably thinking God your gullable which would have been a very good point had it not been for the overwhelming supply of evidence, he was a bloody huge scouser who spoke Norweigan and had a video of himself and mr Risse in a car together on his phone.

    Back to the drinking, And what a night of drinking it was I got quite drunk if im brutally honest and thus cant remember the exact amounts consumed but I do remember activities involving me and mascara, oh dear i really was quite drunk and the girls were shocking, due to them being cheap resorted to being friendly and making the guys by them drinks, damn feminine charms.


    Thats pretty much what happened as I remember it before very kindly being taken home by my mates parents who live in a completely different direction

    Farewell readers as I am going to Holland and the isle of wight over the course of the next week and a bit so no blogs 'till im home, tarrah

  • I think it be time for another blog

    Yep I am about to embark on further work experience based story's. I think it is only right that you lovely people out there should know the full extent of what is happening.

    Ok, Tuesday and Wednesday were as the saying goes, dull as dishwater - working it out it was approximately 6 straight hours of inputting data both days and I came home to a massive headache. But today was slightly better made these little card things with the 'risograph' what a machine, its like a photocopyer yet it is better, it can copy around 300 sheets per minute, quality - yes that is how dull my work is, I get excited by a fancy photocopyer. Ahh yes, I was also using a big old fashioned guillotine with a horribly sharp blade, it was making me think that maybe i should have made them fill out the insurance details bit on the work experience form really but i still got all my fingers so im ok this time.


    On the female front, wednesday saw a 4th lady enter the office, she was a 23yr old by the name of Jenny, although she has come it did not saty at 4 for more then half a day because the main reason Jenny came in was to take the place of one of the others who is going on holiday. Of course her being the oldest and thus least gettable, she is the one who I talk to and seem to get along with best...

    Obviously whilst working I was listening to my good old MP3 player and the beautiful fuck forever, whilst listening though I got paranoid that other people might be able to hear, initially due to the foul language of the song but then also the line 'new labour and tory... its one and the same' probably wouldnt go down to well in a labour office


    Only one day more now though... ooh yes also had a really good sandwich today, a 'tania's special club sandwich' so damn tasty.


    Losers get haircuts - I will soon be the only one with any sense - farewell